Oakland Raiders OL Jared Veldheer is enormous (Picture)

Jared Veldheer muscles

Jared Veldheer may be making better use of the NFL offseason than anyone else. The Oakland Raiders offensive lineman has been working out with strength coach Mark Ehnis, and whatever they’re doing is definitely working.

Ehnis tweeted a picture Monday of four of his students in the gym. Veldheer stands out immediately because of his hulking size. Just look at him. He’s wider than my refrigerator. He looks like he swallowed Brock Lesnar. Dude already has a set of chest pads on without even wearing any pads.

Part of the reason for his muscular makeover is due to the Raiders switching schemes from zone blocking to power blocking. Veldheer, who is a gigantic 6-foot-8, was listed at 321 pounds last season. His strength coach says he will be reporting to the team at 325 pounds. That’s 325 pounds of solid muscle. Good luck trying to move him out of the way. Not even LaRon Landry and his cartoon muscles have anything on Veldheer.

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  • http://twitter.com/sasklacz Jakub Siemiatkowski

    anyone still believes in the ‘no juice’ story ?

  • brendon clarke

    This guy is so full of drugs its crazy…. just look at him. lol

  • David White

    You guys realize bigger people exist right? Watch a natural bodybuilding contest or strongman event. There are people as large and larger with comparable body fat levels. Are steroids and PEDs pretty common in sports? Absolutely, and they have been for 30-40 years at least. Is everyone that makes you feel insecure about weighing 160 and still having more body fat than them on steroids? No.

  • john

    Are you still living in the fairy tale that in today’s sports age the vast majority of pro football players are not juicing?