Packers Fans Commence the Obligatory Brett Favre Jersey Burning

Team legend switches franchises and goes to rival, fans get pissed off. You knew it was bound to happen. And how about Favre telling people to trust him that he’s not going to the Vikings to try and stick it to the Packers. Riiiight. Just like Favre only came back because his daughter wanted him to, not because his ego wouldn’t allow him to sit at home. Anyway, Packers fans as you could imagine are not too thrilled to see Favre wearing purple these days. Check out the ceremonial Favre jersey burning taken on by a few Packers fans here on YouTube (warning: language not safe for work):

You figure they would have come prepared for their bonfire with a little lighter fluid but I guess the zippo finally did the trick. I can understand Packers fans being pissed off and disowning him. I just can’t understand how Vikings fans are now falling in love with the guy to the point where they’re buying up thousands of season and invididual game tickets. Super Bowl odds going down? Are you kidding me? Did anyone see him with the Jets last year? He’s the reason they didn’t make the playoffs down the stretch. If he doesn’t break their hearts with interceptions now then he will later. He’s done.

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  • SpinMax

    If anyone, they should be pissed at the Jets for releasing him cause they knew this would happen. Hell, it was part of the deal.

  • tim

    Let flash back and be reminded in 2007 Jest were 4-12 without Favre the next year he alone improved the team to 9-7. A winning season! The year before Favre took the Pack to the Championship game with at most a sub par team. Hard to argue he was not an important factor for those two teams, especially if you look how they did without him. Yes interceptions will happen if you have all that responsiblity to perform with medium talent. What will happen now that he has talent supporting him? This story is not over! We are talking about a Hall of Fame player who still has what it takes to win. I sure hope he goes to the Hall in Purple along with another ring. Now that will be a perfect ending to a NFL career.

  • Maengo

    What did Brett just do to his old team. DESTROYED them. Three TD’s and no INTERCEPTIONS. Who’s feeling stupid now?

    All the packs had to do was to give him one more year….he could’ve brought them to the superbowl. Too bad.

    GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!