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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Patriots Aren’t the Only Sabotagers

I’ve been kind of fixated on all this Patriot sabotaging thing going on. The real reason is because New England is so good, I want to know how their legacy should be judged. The other day, I wondered why teams were only complaining about the Patriots interfering with headset communication from coaches to players, and no other teams. If the Patriots were doing it, why I wondered, weren’t other teams? Turns out that the headsets in Green Bay and Philly have also gone down this year. From the Redskins Insider:

This guy, whose team has played in Green Bay and Philly in the past two seasons, says that in both cases, at fairly critical junctures in the game, all of a sudden they lost headset communication.

“I think if you talk to teams around the league, you’ll find there’s definitely shenanigans going on in Green Bay and Philly,” he said.

If that’s not enough, there has also been heavy speculation that the Redskins pump in fake crowd noise at home games to disturb the visiting team. So in short, looks like several NFL teams partake in shady operations to gain an edge. Seems like the only ones we’ve been hearing about have involve New England, all because of the video taping incident. I guess when you get caught for cheating, it makes it easy to pour it on for all other minor incidents.

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