But Did He Sign it ‘Straight Cash Homey’?

I came across a blurb on Friday night so bizarre I had to post it. Reading through some of NESN’s Patriots training camp notes, they pointed out that a fan asked Randy Moss to sign a $100 bill for them. Putting aside the obvious issues of whether or not Moss’ signature raises or lowers the value of the bill, or whether or not the value remains unchanged, there is a better question: did he sign it “straight cash homey”?

“When you rich you don’t right checks. How do you pay? Straight cash homey.” True badass. And you wonder why (aside from all the victories he’s led my fantasy teams to) I love the guy. There’s your answer.

Randy Moss Signs $100 Bill for Fan As Patriots Begin to Feel Pain of Training Camp [NESN]

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  • SpinMax

    Guy will always have his critics. 151tds and 14000yds at age 32 and old school idiots will always hate em for making one silly quote every 5 years. back in his days at marshall we used to go on the road just to see him play when he was still a nobody. it still causes me pain to think of the cowboys passing on him in the draft