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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Randy Moss Says He and Tom Brady Are Cool, Still Buddies

Even though the Vikings lost in his team debut, Randy Moss was more than accommodating to the media after the Monday night game. The sometimes aloof and often problematic receiver spoke honestly and was somewhat charming in his straightforward comments after the game.

When asked about Brett Favre, Moss says he stays out of his teammates’ personal business and that he just tries to be a friend to them. When asked about the Jets’ cornerback duo of Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis, he was highly complimentary of the tandem and gave an honest assessment of their abilities. Moss also talked about his rapport with second-year receiver Percy Harvin, whom he ensured he’s not there to take his spot but to help him learn. He also raved about the talent on the team and how he watched Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson when they were in college.

The man was so engaging, it was hard to envision this was the same player who had problems in New England and somewhat went off the rails on occasion.

As for the juicy stuff, Moss was asked about the report that he and Tom Brady went toe-to-toe the week before he was traded. Moss essentially laughed off the question, saying “Tom sent me a text today. Tom, I know you watching buddy, I appreciate that text. Sorry we didn’t bring it home buddy, but I appreciate the text.”

It was pretty obvious that the two are still on very good terms and still think very highly of one another. The text message and Moss’ endearment towards Brady doesn’t mean they didn’t get into a shouting match the week before the trade, but it does mean there were no hard feelings. I still have no reason to believe the report wasn’t true. I said it before and I’ll say it again, maybe if they were throwing him the ball in New England he wouldn’t have grown upset with the team. It’s that simple.

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