Robert Griffin trying to pay attention on the field so he doesn’t do ‘retarded things’

Up to this point, Robert Griffin III has been everything the Redskins could ask for in a first-round draft pick. He is respectful to the media and fans and has never come off as cocky or arrogant. Like the rest of us, Griffin knows he could be a superstar in the NFL sooner rather than later. His preseason debut on Thursday night against Buffalo reaffirmed that, as RG3 looked impressive on an eight-play, 80-year touchdown drive in the first quarter. He also reminded us that rookies are going to make mistakes, both on the field and off of it.

During his post game press conference, Griffin talked about learning from his veteran teammates during these preseason games. His word choice was a bit unfortunate.

“It’s a great part of this team,” he said according to DC Sports Bog. “There’s a lot of guys that try to help me out. I was being quiet ‘cause Pierre (Garcon), he’s a type of veteran player, and he was trying to give me little pointers on what to do in pre-season games, you know, what to pay attention to in the games. Because a lot of times once you do get out, you can get completely out of the game and just start doing retarded or ridiculous things.”

It probably would have been best if he stuck with “ridiculous.” As John Lackey learned a few months ago, using a word like that in an insensitive context is not a great idea. I’m sure an apology is on its way and Griffin regrets having said it. He has been a humble rookie so far and has carried the veterans’ helmets and everything. His slip-up will likely serve as a useful learning experience.

Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USPRESSWIRE

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  • Corey Barnes

    You know you media jockeys are always looking for an outlet to bring somebody down. What RG3 said was completely innocent and he had no intentions at offending anyone.  I just get sick of the media always hanging around like sharks waiting for some chum to hit the water to create a feeding frenzy.  Hey guys, lighten up.  None of this stuff would be protrayed in a negative manner if you guys would know when and how to stay in your lane.  Remember, if there was no RG3’s you wouldn’t have a job.  He has elected to remain humble and you guys just won’t settle until something about this fine young man is miscrued.  You are the one who should be apologizing for your manipulative behavior.