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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Terrell Owens on Bengals: ‘We Are Terrible’

Terrell Owens loves to point the finger. In fact, it may be his all-time favorite pastime. Whether it’s making fun of Donovan McNabb’s new contract or criticizing Jason Garrett’s coaching methods in Dallas, T.O. always has to let his opinion be heard on issues around the NFL.  And when his own team is the problem, Owens isn’t afraid to go there either.

As relayed by SB Nation, T.O. told the Cincinnati Enquirer that the Bengals are “terrible” after the team’s 49-31 loss at the hands of the Buffalo Bills.  More specifically, he said, “Let me look you in the eyes and emphasize — we are terrible.”  The wide receiver may have sounded more professional if he threw a “right now” in there as in, “We are terrible right now.”  At least that would imply the Bengals haven’t completely cashed it in on 2010 and encourage fans to still show up to the games.

Nonetheless, Owens is right.  Cincinnati is now 2-8 after a massive collapse on Sunday against one of the NFL’s worst teams.  Aside from the Cowboys, I’d say the Bengals are the big surprise of 2010.  Their roster is filled with Pro Bowl caliber players, yet they look like the Bengals Corey Dillon grew tired of before he forced his way out of town.

We can expect to see some pretty big changes for the Bengals after this year.  Marvin Lewis could finally be gone and it might even be a good idea for them to part ways with Carson Palmer.  Like we said before, Palmer just isn’t what he used to be and whatever they have going on right now is clearly not getting the job done.  Something’s got to give.

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