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Monday, June 25, 2018

Vince Young Is a Serious Mess, Wanted Out of Titans Playoff Game

Luckily I haven’t taken a stab at Vince Young just yet, considering there seems to be a new story emerging each day that denigrates his character. I can’t believe the same guy who was on top of the world, almost single-handedly beating USC in the title game, could be this much of a sensitivity and confidence freak. The laundry list of recent strikes against Vince includes talking about quitting football following his rookie year, wanting out of the game two weeks ago before injuring his knee, talking to his therapist about suicide, and the latest, wanting out of a playoff game. This crazy story is courtesy of Adam Schefter via MDS at PFT:

Adam Schefter reported [Saturday, September 14th] on NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning that during last season’s AFC Wild Card game against San Diego, Young wanted to stop playing at halftime and had to be persuaded to take the field with his teammates in the second half.

At this point, I have no reason not to believe the report. Given everything else we’ve heard about Young lately, it comes as no surprise. I can’t believe the turn Young’s career has taken. Many people thought he made a mistake coming out too early, including myself. He proved us all wrong with 4th quarter dramatics in his rookie year (which now look more like the product of excellent defense that put him in optimal situations). Now it seems like the league has caught up with him and the reality has set in: Vince Young has thin skin and lacks the desire to be a successful NFL quarterback. Seems to me like he just wants to enjoy his money and fame, and have everyone like him. It’s sad that he can’t take the heat and that he doesn’t want the pressure of being an NFL quarterback. And to think, this was supposed to be his year.

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