Warren Moon: Cam Newton criticism has to do with race

Warren Moon does not feel as though Cam Newton is being treated with the respect he deserves. The Carolina Panthers are off to a disappointing 1-5 start this season, and Newton has not handled it well. The rough start hit its low point for Newton personally when he gave an overly dramatic postgame press conference after losing to the Cowboys last Sunday, during which he called a female reporter “sweetheart.”

While Moon, who served as an adviser to Newton last year, admits the criticism of Newton’s demeanor has been warranted, he believes race has played a role.

“I think a lot of this is because so many people want to say ‘I told you so’ about him, but couldn’t because he was so good last year,” Moon told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports. “I think people are overreacting. How can he be a bust? He just had one of the great years a rookie has ever had, and now he can’t play? Come on.

“I don’t understand it. I heard somebody compare him to Vince Young. It’s the same old crap – it’s always a comparison of one black to another black. I get tired of it. I get tired of defending it.”

Just because “somebody” compared him to Vince Young doesn’t mean it is an issue of race. But just in case, Moon offered up a white guy whom we should compare Newton to instead.

“If you want to compare him to someone because of his demeanor, compare him to Jay Cutler,” the Hall of Fame quarterback said. “There are a lot of guys who whine and moan. Cam’s not biting anybody’s head off or pushing his linemen. He’s just disgruntled, and not handling losing well, because, think about it, he basically didn’t lose in college.

“I don’t think Cam’s as bad as Cutler, because Cutler looks like he doesn’t give a damn sometimes, or he’s yelling and cussing at someone. Cam, he just looks down when they’re losing.”

That’s just it. Newton looks like an emotional trainwreck in some of his interviews and reportedly held up the Panthers team bus earlier this year because he was sulking over a loss. Either he’s putting on an act, or his emotional state is very fragile. Back in 2008, Young’s own mother told the public that her son was “hurting inside and out” and asked fans for support. Perhaps that is where the comparison that Moon heard stemmed from.

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I’m not saying race is a complete non-factor in any and all criticism of Newton, because that’s simply not the way the world works. However, Moon has been playing this card since Newton’s character was attacked in Pro Football Weekly’s Draft Preview last year. Very few people are denying that Newton is tremendously talented. He has simply failed to carry himself like a leader this season.

UPDATE: Cam Newton has responded, and Moon has clarified his comments. Read what each have said.

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  • headman2

    I’ll say it; race is a complete non-factor in the criticism of Newton. In fact, had he been a white QB, he likely wouldn’t have been coddled as much as he has at all stages of his career leaving him unaccustomed to workplace adversity. Things are vastly different for Cam’s generation than they were even in Warren Moon’s generation. Cam has had his ass kissed since he was a freshman in high school; think of what that will do to the emotional development of an adolescent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Russell-Coleman/100000463246263 Russell Coleman

    The best or most complete black QB in the NFL right now is RG3. If Wash. had any kind of defense to work with they would be atleast 6-2. The reason behind it is his parents have worked his ass off and kept him in check with a large dose of reality. RG3 not only won the Heisman he had graduated early from Baylor so he could devote as much time as he could to his football team. He is also only 12 credit  hours from receiving his masters degree which tells me the kid is pretty sharp. RG3 has a mother and father who are Christian’s and career military they understand the benefits of  real discipline and have instilled these value’s into there son. I believe the sky is the limit for this young man. I think Cam Newton needs to look at how RG3 is conducting himself. I believe he has allot to be frustrated about in Washington and he has kept his head down worked hard and lifted his teamates up trying to inspire better play.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Russell-Coleman/100000463246263 Russell Coleman

    Warren Moon you were a great QB back in the day. However you are not doing these young Black QB’s any favor’s by running in and defending them from everything that gets said about them in the world of sports media. Cam Newton is going to get some negative press right now there team is having a losing season and they are not improving. The bad press is going to come just like the praise did when he lead Auburn on to the National Title. These guys have to understand how to ride that wave of publicity and mature. Like Joe Gibbs said never let your high’s be too high or your lows be too low.

  • Sherwood Trucking

    just as they did with Cordel Stuart, they used him up in every way ,quarterback,receiver, slash,returner, an when their plan didnt work because they chose not to let him excel as a black quarter back,i didnt see anyone complaining! but the white QB got chance after chance no -matter a terrible they were, e.i Brady Quinn, Tim Tebo among others, Cam is still a very young kid an it will take time to understand that with great ability comes ups an downs, be careful about claiming to be superman its a double edge sword! good luck kido- you can only grow the sky is the limit

  • Bozo Clown

    Lost a lot of respect for Warren Moon.  Shocker, one black man trying to protect another using the race card.  Why not go to the NAACP and share your thoughts with Al Sharpton.  F’ng racists – all of you.  

  • Chris Dice

    What a joke

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IC3A3LQV5EKRAC45X2QZI76XLM Alath In

    OK, let’s compare Newton to Cutler.
    Cutler is 5-1, and he’s taken a lot of criticism for his performance and his behavioral meltdowns.
    Newton is 1-5, and when he gets criticized it’s not because of his performance or his behavior, it’s because of race.
    Sorry, but this is a perfect example of how it’s NOT about racism. Quarterbacks get criticized a lot, particularly when their team is losing, and particularly when they act like immature jerks. There’s no reason Newton should be exempt.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UAZLCLZ6OVOD32555X47WKJ6IE Raymond

    Give him time .Still a kid.

  • headman2

    Remember all of those playoff games “Cordell” won? Yeah, me neither.

  • headman2

    He’s 23. He’s a grown man, not a kid.

  • Alshaun Dixon

    Racisms against the black  QB has always existed in the NFL and media circles. But, whenever a black person mentions it, white folks are quick to blatantly deny it and talk about the race card. The fact of the matter is the modern day black QB is redifining the position. Vick, Cam, RGIII and others with such atheletic ability are putting tremendous pressure on defenses when they are allowed to use their unique skills of running and throwing.These off ensive coordinators eventually break these black QB’s down by forcing them into pocket passers.  Thereby reducing them to becoming like the other slow slugs with lesser ability. Its like trying to force a star into a square. It just doesnt’ make sense. Thats why Cam is so frustrated. He is not politically correct. He is not programmed like the rest of these robots who give the same generic responses after each game. He is upset after each lost. He wants to win badly. Whats so wrong about that? Yes he  has to mature. But I say give him a chance to grow and develop into the fine young man and football player that he will be someday.  

  • Sonny8044

    Warren Moon is way off base, things will never get better if everytime a black athlete especially a QB falls under some heavy scruting, it always claimed by blacks as being unfair or racist. This is ridiculous. Cam is acting like an ass.End of story and I am no racist. Period.  The kid has to stop trying to do it all and rely on some teammates, like Williams and Stewart, the last time I checked they were black athletes. Were’s the Panthers running game, some ground and pound just may take some pressure off the kid.

  • Sonny8044

    Your absolutely wrong and the criticism is or has been fair and even toned down a little because he is in fact black. Your like the parent who knows his child is guilty yet defends his/her child actions.That’s part of Cams problem, everyone thinks they have to defend him, He then will never grow up, he’s acting like a big spoiled baby. He’s been too spoiled all his life because he has been a star athlete.

  • John Burson

    There haven’t been that many years since Warren Moon experienced blatant racism as a result of being a black NFL quarterback .  I applaud him for standing up for the kid. Face it. There are still two standards for black and white quarterbacks.  Remember the comment Russ Limbaugh made about Mc Nabb on national television.  That wasn’t that long ago.

  • jayboyd27

    this is such crap there comparing him to another QB who can run and throw. they are gifted young men and race has nothing to do with it, but theres two kinds of qb running and pocket passer, so u compare him to a running and throwing qb since the best of those happen to be black  thats who he is compared to

  • jayboyd27

    i mean these guys are in a class of there own the vick, and moon type , it just happens that all these athletic running  throwing qbs are black, when a  qb white or black  comes along on there same level he will be judge by the same standers. these men are gifted in away not seen to often in the nfl  and there for it a very short list of people u can compare them to.    

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4RKIZWNDAZALUEGXJUL4Y2MCA4 MEL

    maybe, def. coord. spent the summer trying to find a way to slow him down? who knows,plus the panther offense isn’t that good and he’s trying to do to much by himself.but he needs to stop spilling his guts to the press, because this is what is going to happen.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4RKIZWNDAZALUEGXJUL4Y2MCA4 MEL

    its kordell stewart.

  • tyree1

     u dum dum

  • tyree1

     korean qb’s r smarter than black 1’s

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JXVIMW24BKDIF76FGRFRFS64WM zach

    The reason why coaches don’t want their QBs to run is because of the injury factor sir. An occasional scramble for a first down is acceptable, but when the face of your franchise is getting hurt ( Mike Vick has only played one full season or RGIII concussed) it’s not worth the risk of him getting smashed multiple times a game. Aaron rodgers and Drew Brees are two of the top QBs in the league, and they move IN the pocket to create plays… that is how championships are won.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3OFPA2X466XNAMIN3SBHOBMHTU Roy

    revionist history: rush said “the media is desirous of a successful black quaterback “and it wasn`t till the day after when those like tom jackson were told they should be mad that it blew up.All the open racism todaycomes from blacks

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3OFPA2X466XNAMIN3SBHOBMHTU Roy

    careful if you dont agree then you must be racist .our country is being destroyed by the disinformation media.and the stunningly ignorant like john burson

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3OFPA2X466XNAMIN3SBHOBMHTU Roy

    Hey warren what about RG3 oh thats right even though hes not winning every game hes not acting like a selfish baby .the media beat up that idiot cutler so what is warren talking about.Fact more stories about cutler the idiot than cam the pouting loser DEBATE OVER back under your racist rock warren

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3OFPA2X466XNAMIN3SBHOBMHTU Roy

    OMG you made perfect sense.How will the racist`s debunk your simple truth?

  • jayboyd27

     i tell my nephew that if thinks somebody is treating him unfair because he is black dont go to there level rise above it show what a better person you are than them. That will piss them off more than  letting there bullshit get to you. sometimes using the race card sets you up to fail gives you a reason to fail.

  • Mytemp420

    RGIII is the man. Cam declared himself an “icon and entertainer”, when he was drafted.  He put the target on himself.  
    And who the heck is Warrne Moon, other than a washed up, race baiting wife beater?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRNFBJI3BY7D7KMHSW6C7QPD4U Jack Moskovita

    Only Black people make it racism about everything.

  • Mytemp420

    Did Warren “wifebeater” Moon just call Steve Smith a racist?  His own wide receiver has called him out in public for his sulking, losing ways.  Steve Smith is a leader of men, Cam is immature, “icon and entertainer”, who lacks the skills to lead.
    What does race have to do with throwing a football? 

  • Adam Hunter

    What I’m tired of …Warren Moon acting like Jesse Jackson. If anything, it’s this crap that makes it even harder on Cam. Cam isn’t going through any media spin that 100 other players, whatever their race, hasn’t already went through. Moon said people are overreacting, it anyone is  overreacting, it’s Warren Moon.

  • chiefbobr

    I’ve been a Panthers fan since the team was brought into the league and I’m a season ticket holder as well. I haven’t heard anyone – repeat anyone – bring up the race issue until Warren Moon raised it, and that’s just BS. The overwhelming majority of Panthers fans that I know could care less if their QB is black, white, or green, as long he can move the team and win football games. I think the problems that Cam is experiencing right now are a combination of youth and immaturity, inexperience, and poor coaching and counseling on the part of the team. Given proper coaching and a little more time and experience, I think Cam Newton can become an exceptional QB in the NFL, and not because he happens to be black.

  • http://twitter.com/deanerindy John Kellicut

    It’s not a white or black thing.  Cam was over hyped by the media, his rookie year was awesome, but how many times white or black the media says this guy is going to be great then after the first year, nothing. Also about black QB not having enough changes there is one in the past years that had chance after chance…Vince Young.  How many white QB’s didn’t get any more chances, besides being a backup….Chad Henne (2 yrs, then released…hes a backup), Brady Quinn (he played 13 games and the Browns released him), Matt Leinart (Played only 29 games before he was released, not even 2 full seasons), etc….  Basically, black QB’s are now the in charge on the field and they will need to take the same heat as white QB.  So please when a black QB gets heat because he is not producing don’t bring up the race cards.  Sports is about stats and look Cam’s stats this year and even his own dad says he needs to grow up a little.

  • atouchdown

    Im not a washington fan but after watching RG3 sunday , im a believer. Cam to me is realizing people are on to what he can do on the field and their shutting him down. Andhe’s not the hot new thing he was last year. RG3 like someone said earlier had a great set of parents who worked him hard to realize win or lose your plaing football and its only a game , just do your damn best. Also i dont think the heat cam is getting now is anywhere race related. His own  reciver (steve smith) told him to shut his mouth and play. Even when jay cutler is bitching and moaning he gets blasted in the media and you dont see someone standing up for him.

  • TheRealTruthSayer

    The first black quarterback was Thrower in 1953. Look at the stats between white quarterbacks and black quarterbacks over the years. White quarterbacks are better! Look at the running back position, compare the stats between white running backs and black running backs. Black running backs are better! Just look at the Facts!

  • Mexoplex

    some white people actually believe racism doesnt exist unless there is a KKK, or some kind of obvious, blatant, symbol displayed.

  • blazzn420

    heres a question for u: how many superbowl rings does warren moon have? none ! how many playoff games did he win ? 3! now tell me y he was put into the hall of fame? bc he was black. warren moon sucked back then and he is sucking now by using the race card for a player with great potenial! wareen moon has no right to give ANYONE advise

  • charlie33171

    When all else fails, just pull the race card! SMFH!

  • footballexpertinga

    Cam is in the same class as Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, which is not a team player. They all had the look at me attitude!  RG,III will be a winner with his personally on and off the field!!  By the way no team including Minnesota Vikings (Fran Tarkenton scrambling quarterback) did not win in four Super Bowls with a running quarterback. A running quarterback number is ONE player. A team with a passing quarterback,  two wide receivers, one tight end, and one receiving running back equal five, which do you think is easier to defend??

  • footballexpertinga

     some white people is a racism statement!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q22SGXAPPWA7YZBYOPYVFNBQSU dikdragon

    i guess moon didnt advise him very well,hes a selfish punk!!

  • Mexoplex

    nah, only if i said (believed),”ALL white people”

  • Adam Hunter

    And some black people use the raceist card as a tool of racism. Most white people are very aware racism exist. Warren Moon is  there to insure that we never forget. Poor man backed a crybaby so he throws the racist flag cause things aren’t going his way. Typical…it happens on a regular bases. Next….

  • niasric

    This could be one of the worst emotionally blind posts ever. Check recent history of superbowl winning quarterbacks – E. Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Roethlisberger, Brady, P. Manning – guess I’ll stop there. When when of “your” QB’s accomplishes something truly worthy then come and talk about redefining.. Then you say ” when they are ALLOWED to use their unique skills of running and throwing”? Yeah, as a defensive coordinator I’m gonna tell my guys to allow their QB to run whenever he wants? Sorry but that’s never gonna happen. Then, “reducing them to becoming like the other slow slugs with lesser ability”. This statement is the most comical. First, go back and read my beginning statement involving these lesser talented QB’s you’re referring to, second if these wonderfully gifted combo QB’s are so great then the defenses wouldn’t be able to “reduce” them, they would be too good for that wouldn’t they? Obviously they’re not that good but how dare the defenses go out there and stop them, shame on them! They will get hours and hours of tape on RG3 and break it down like they do on every other QB regardless of style. Since they know he will run out of the pocket when it collapses they will learn if he’s worse throwing while running to his left or right and force him that direction. He will lose a step or two in speed and quickness due to age and body wear from getting hammered and he will wind up with a mediocre career at best. Sound familiar Philly fans? To address the current point at hand, when it comes to Cam he was media induced and hyped, can’t live up to the expectations (yet) and can’t handle it emotionally, skin color being a non-issue.    

  • Adam Hunter

    opps….that offically makes you a racist. Since you didn’t mention a white persons name in your sentence, you should be ok. I think…

  • Mexoplex

    so whats your point? I hate to throw the Grammar Nazi penalty flag but spelling ‘racist’ two different ways and ‘bases’ instead of ‘basis’, makes you a non-factor. I know you saw those squiggly red lines.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IHV2TIOB5TX6MLQMU6L4ZOQ5SE GovernmentForByOfthePeople

    How right you are. Jason Whitlock’s article (Fox Sports) is a more mature 2012 assessment of Cam Newton and his situation.  Warren Moon is from another era and is simply enjoying the sensitivity to blacks of today which wasn’t present in his day.  Cam is simply immature and hasn’t learned responsibility for his own actions.  Wishing him the best in his pro career, but more so in becoming a grownup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.nicoletti.54 John Nicoletti

    Here we go again. The race card.  Mr.Moon.please situate yourself in the 21st.century. Black athletes, dominate all the sports, except hockey.  How you can make that statement, indicates to me, that you sir, are the RACIST.  Mr.Moon, that crap is, old, tired, and boring.  the last time I looked, we had a BLACK PRESIDENT.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.nicoletti.54 John Nicoletti

    Is it all possibel folks, that Mr.Newton is not pro football material.?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4CHPRYCJIFH7JJ4W6MZBUAVS5M Tom

    Every time a black athletet underperforms and gets called on it , it must be race baced.  Yet, every time a white athlete is called out for under performing it’s well deserved criticism.  This is getting really tired folks

  • http://www.facebook.com/haaseline Douglas Haase

    When is this crap going to stop….is 55% of the country gonna be racist on Nov. 6th?? Its time to man up, woman up, stop the coddling and start being accountable .