Warren Sapp drops F-bombs during Scott Pioli analysis (Video)

Warren-SappSomeone at the NFL Network needs to let Warren Sapp know that a microphone is different from a camera. During a segment on “Total Access” on Tuesday, Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli was asked to discuss what his approach with the New England Patriots used to be, when he and Bill Belichick seemed to focus on stock-piling draft picks. While he was giving his answer, Sapp could be heard mumbling curse words in the background.

Apparently he does not agree with the Belichick draft approach.

“It’s the same s*** we had Mike Lombardi doing,” it sounded like Sapp was saying. “The f***ing Bill Belichick f***ing angle.”

It’s hard to make out exactly what Sapp was saying, but that part sounds pretty audible. Technical difficulties are not uncommon. Sapp saying stupid things is not exactly a rarity, either. Combine the two and this is what you get.

Video via Twitter/Jimmy Traina
Photo credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

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  • SpinMax

    Why even keep this guy around? It’s good to have guys who say surprising things but not like him.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/73BZB3XIVA4SRMC5NBSIVRPHUM Brendan Mazar

    Sapp is usually an idiot but he nailed this one. Pioli is such a puppet…the Pat’s tried to screw Welker and he left. They put they’re ego over the team and let Welker leave because he wouldn’t get on his knees and come crawling back. (especially after working his ass off for 6 years). And then use the same money to sign a guy who isnt as good, durable, or synched in with Brady. Letting him leave wasn’t smart, it was stubborn. The Pats have made some good cutthroat decisions but don’t be fooled by the propaganda that they’re always right.  Also, Belichick has had some terrible drafts with all those picks. He can get away with all these mistakes and low-balling because Brady keeps the ship from sinking. Even when Brady, the only reason Belichik can screw people, takes a team friendly deal, they screw him by letting his favorite receiver go to Payton Manning on the cheap.