Kevin Durant dating ex-Destiny’s Child singer LeToya Luckett?

Is Kevin Durant dating former Destiny’s Child singer LeToya Luckett? That appears to be the case.

Durant, who is in Las Vegas working out with Team USA basketball, was spotted having dinner with Luckett last week at the Wynn. A gossip report says KD has been pursuing her for months and is finally now having some luck.

We know that one photo doesn’t prove much more than the two were on a date, but these Instagram clues shared by Black Sports Online provide a lot more evidence. As you can see below, the two have been “liking” one another’s pictures on the social media service:

If the two aren’t dating, then they’re just exhibiting all the flirtatious signs of being a couple. Luckett reportedly was in a relationship with Matt Kemp in the past, but that appears to be over (there were even reports of Kemp seeing Eva Longoria earlier in the season).

KD may have been sick of finishing second in everything basketball-related, but it looks like he’s finishing first off the court.


Photo credit: Steve Gross

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JDHB4RJ7UTCWELLG2ARCUM6LD4 Joshua

    this has to stop. a photo of two people doesn’t imply they’re dating unless you first assume something. take a freaking logic course please, or maybe live a little. maybe they are, but you don’t KNOW anything.

  • William Crisolo

    Sheesh… Angry much??? Is he dating you and that’s why you are all upset about this???

  • deacon007

    Well, at least she’s black.