Serena Williams possibly dating her coach Patrick Mouratoglou

After her disappointing loss in the first round of the French Open back in April (during which she was an emotional wreck), Serena Williams began working with a new coach in France. In the process, she may also have found herself a new boyfriend.

Serena and Patrick Mouratoglou were recently spotted in France together looking like far more than just a teacher and his pupil. As you can see from these photos that were posted on the French website PK Tennis, Williams and Mouratoglou were walking down the streets of Paris with their arms around each other. At one point, Serena even had her hand in Mouratoglou’s back pocket. Saucy!

Last week, Mouratoglou told the Gettysburg Times (via the Detroit Free Press) how his professional relationship with Williams began.

“She said, ‘I want to win Wimbledon, I want to start now,'” he explained. “That’s simple. That’s how it started.”

The interesting thing here is that all we ever hear from Serena is how she doesn’t do relationships. Since the beginning of the year, she has talked about how she hasn’t been on a date in forever, how she is totally done dating and how she plays better when she’s single. Maybe dating someone who helps you with tennis eliminates all those concerns?

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  • benbennson

    I’d just LOVE to find out what Patrick sees in Serena. It’s hard to imagine she’d be worth dating, especially with her attitude and her massive thighs/butt. Maybe he wants to use her as a stepping stone to eventually coach a couple girls who are currently on the junior circuit…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/27TKRXDWV7B4BNQ6VTHHXSOZAU E

    What  a mean thing to say…has it ever occurred to you that he might genuinely enjoy being with her?

  • Kevin Erskine

    Hey Ben, you’re obviously an idiot with a very small d1ck… The more enormous the butt, the better… Hips, thighs and a$$ all day !!!

  • pmbalele

    Are those two mountains
    on Serena’s chest real or plastic? If those are real then that’s why her coach is
    dating her. As a normal thinking man you can’t ignore them.  I hope she will not sue him later for sexual harassment.