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Sunday, June 17, 2018

NHL announcer Dave Strader: Honkytown takes down Hockeytown (Video)

NHL play-by-play announcer Dave Strader ventured into a touchy area with his final call of the Predators-Red Wings series on Friday night. Nashville had just beaten Detroit 2-1 to win the series in five games, and Strader celebrated the moment with a questionable, and borderline racist pun.

“Honkytown has taken down Hockeytown,” was his call for the series.

Detroit is affectionately called “Hockeytown” because of the Red Wings’ success and the passion of the fans. “Honky” is a racist term for a white person, though there is a type of music/bar called “Honky-tonk,” which would be less offensive.

Let’s hope for Strader’s sake he was referring to Nashville as a honky-tonk bar/music town rather than a city full of honkys. Next time just play it straight, Strader, and don’t try to say something cute that can be taken the wrong way.

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