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Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Sportadox: Colts Unstoppable or Chiefs Horrible?

How can you possible gauge the Colts/Chiefs (23-8 final score) debacle?  Maybe with that choice of words you see where I’m going…so let the sportadoxing at the Court of Brown begin:Assertion, Chiefs were Horrible:

  • 7 first downs in the game, 1-11 on 3rd down conversions, just 44 yards rushing, only 126 net yards, sacked 4 times, turned it over 3 times. 
  • Picked off Peyton 3 times and got 0 points off them.  That includes an INT by Ty Law that was returned inside the 10 resulting in Lawrence Tynes doinking a 23yd FG
  • Trent Green 14/24 for 107 yards, Kennison dropped two passes, Hall dropped a pass, Tony had 2 drops, just from what I counted
  • Had 16 yds and as many first downs as me by halftime, Indy had 15 first downs!

Assertion, Colts were Unstoppable:

  • Defense held Larry Johnson (2nd most rushing yards in NFL) to 32 yards on 13 carries.  His longest run was for 6 yards - he is 6″ - he could’ve fallen down and gained a third that distance
  • Sex Sack master Dwight Freeney ate Trent Green for brunch…2 burlaps and a forced fumble
  • They have the clutchest kicker in the game, Vinatieri, who was 3 for 3 including a 48 and 50 yarder. 
  • Dallas Clark is back and healthy and caught 9 balls for 103 yards
  • Peyton completed 79% of his passes

Conclusion, Chiefs were Horrible:

They made Peyton Manning piss his pants in the playoffs again and still couldn’t do anything.  They had just 44yards on the ground against the piece of shit Colts defense.  Their kicker missed a fucking 23 yard field goal.  They dropped more balls than a roomful of pubescent teenagers.  Oh yeah, and their best quarterback of the year was on the bench. 

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