Bengals Prove Steeler Homer Terry Bradshaw Wrong with Win in Pittsburgh

If you were watching the NFL pregame show on FOX Sunday morning, you heard FOX analyst and former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw make a stern prediction he’d live to regret. In no uncertain terms he said the Bengals would not beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Look who’s laughing now, Terry:

Did FOX come back on air prior to the afternoon games for Terry to eat his words? Hope so because he and many other media members have doubted the legitimacy of the Bengals thus far. After this win, there’s no doubting how stout that defense is. Much like Carson Palmer said after the game, they’re not a Super Bowl team yet, but this is a good step. Heck, as crappy as the Bengals have been the past 20 years, winning the division is the Super Bowl.

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  • Gene

    I would have loved to hear Terry Bradshaw’s post game comments. I just hope that the Bengals don’t have a letdown and let the division title get away from them. They have swept the Steelers and Ravens and deserve to win the division.