US bobsledder Chuck Berkeley criticizes Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones bobsled

You know it would only be a matter of time before someone notable criticized USA Bobsled and Skeleton for choosing Lolo Jones as one of the three push athletes to represent the country at the Winter Games in Sochi. On Tuesday, it was bobsledder Chuck Berkeley who voiced his opinion.

Berkeley, who competed in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, criticized officials for choosing Jones over three other push athletes. Jones and pilot Jazmine Fenlator ended up 11th after the first half of competition Tuesday. Here’s what Berkeley said:

This trend seems to follow Jones whether she’s bobsledding or doing track and field. Remember during the Summer Games in London when her teammates were jealous of her popularity? Then last month some bobsledders who didn’t make the team complained that Jones made it because of her popularity.

I guess the only way Lolo will get rid of her critics is by medaling. She has her work cut out for her to achieve that.

Plus, I counted at least three times where their sled hit the rails. Last I checked, Lolo wasn’t steering the rig.

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  • Geo McDowell

    It takes a real winner to wait and make sure the person is in 11th place to shoot off his mouth like that. He could have said this a week ago, especially since there was “absolutely no doubt.”
    And for the record, you SPECIALIZE in jealousy. And you are an embarrassment to that flag photoshopped behind you as well.

  • SpinMax

    They need to get some legit bobsledders next time like jj watt or hulk hogan


    Spot in Geo…he is sore loser and a major embarrassment to our country, flag, and team members.

  • Dubbayoo

    I’m Googling Chuck Berkeley Olympic medal and I got goose egg….this is my shocked face.