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Friday, May 25, 2018

Young fan has Lionel Messi’s face shaved into his head and it is…interesting

Having your favorite player’s face shaved into your head is always risky. Art that is performed with a buzzer is probably a little more challenging than tattoo art, so you have to be a pretty diehard fan to go for something like this. As you can see, this young soccer fan opted to have his barber shave Lionel Messi’s face and name into the back of his head. We’re going to have to agree with the folks at Dirty Tackle on this one — it came out looking like a Picasso painting.

Maybe that was the goal. For all we know this kid could be a huge Pablo Picasso and Lionel Messi fan and is now the recipient of the greatest haircut ever. I will say, however, that if he wants people to know the face on the back of his head belongs to Messi, I’m glad he got the name trimmed in as well.

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