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Monday, April 23, 2018

Jeremy Lin’s agent Roger Montgomery also applied for ‘Linsanity’ trademark?

Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics, so he’s not about to get schooled when it comes to financial issues. With that in mind, Lin applied to trademark the term “Linsanity.” It’s a smart business move by Lin, who if he receives the trademark, will be paid a licensing fee for companies to use the term on merchandise. He just has to beat out a few others who also applied for the trademark.

But here’s the weird thing: he also reportedly is competing with his agent for the trademark. Huh?

From Bloomberg:

Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery, also filed his own Linsanity application on Feb. 14, one day after Lin’s. An e-mail seeking comment from Montgomery about the reasoning behind his separate filing wasn’t immediately returned. Deese declined to comment about Montgomery’s filing.

So is Lin’s agent trying to beat the player and capitalize for himself? Is he working in conjunction with Jeremy, hoping that having two horses in the race gives them a better shot at winning it? Did he not know about Lin’s application and filed on his own? It’s a weird scenario, and darn it, we want answers, Roger!

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