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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Al Michaels

Al Michaels helps gamblers win ‘Deflategate’ prop bet

We’ve noted Al Michaels’ friendliness towards gamblers many times in the past, but the NBC announcer truly outdid himself on Sunday night. During coverage of the Colts-Patriots game, Michaels referred to the sports betting prop about how many times “Deflategate” would be mentioned. He then rattled off four straight “Deflategate” mentions to help bettors hit…Read More

Al Michaels arrested for DUI after making illegal U-turn

If you asked me to list every prominent sports figure in order of most to least likely to get a DUI, Al Michaels would be at the very bottom. Check that — Michaels wouldn’t even make the list. Sure, Al keeps a keen eye on the point spread and enjoys playing the stock market, but…Read More

Video: Al Michaels Calls Gamblers ‘Friendly Degenerates’

Al Michaels is a fantastic play-by-play broadcaster. One of the things sports fans love about him is his awareness of the point spread and over/under totals for games he’s calling. He knows that gamblers are the few people still watching games that are blowouts. One thing, Al, those gamblers don’t enjoy being called “friendly degenerates.”…Read More

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