Alex Gordon climbs wall to nearly rob home run (Video)

Alex Gordon nearly had the catch of the year after climbing the wall in an attempt to rob Dayan Viciedo of a home run Wednesday.

Viciedo was up with a runner on first, two outs, and his Chicago White Sox up 2-1 in the fourth when he belted a tailing fastball to left. Gordon was already playing deep and decided to climb the wall. He hopped on the top of the padding and reached a few feet over the fence to nearly rob the homer. He was so close to making the catch that even White Sox TV announcer Hawk Harrelson was fooled.

Unfortunately for Kansas City, the ball went off the edge of Gordon’s glove to give Viciedo the dinger. The White Sox won the game 5-2 over the Royals.

Check out how close Gordon was to making the catch:

Alex Gordon wall

Last season Josh Reddick climbed a fence to make a catch. That one was great. But nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever come close to matching this catch from the Japanese League.

2011 MLB All-Star Game Snubs: American League

Compared to the National League All-Star team, the fans did a poor job voting on the American League team. Most of the reasonable complaints regarding snubs are from the AL team. We already gave you the All-Star Game snubs from the National League.

Here are the American League All-Star team snubs:

Jhonny Peralta over Derek Jeter at SS

This is a no-brainer. The fans vomited on themselves with this one, probably because a) Jeter is so popular and b) most of them don’t know who Peralta is. Asdrubal Cabrera made the team as the backup shortstop and he should be starting. Peralta should be the backup.

Paul Konerko over Michael Young as 1B/INF

Paul Konerko being left off the team is the biggest snub of MLB. He has a .954 OPS which is fourth-best in the entire AL. It’s a joke that he’s not on the team and it’s criminal that Ron Washington stuck him in the fan vote. Instead of carrying three catchers, Washington should have put Konerko on the team over either Martin or Wieters. At the least, he should be there over Young who is good but can’t mash the way Konerko can.

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Will Alex Gordon Ever Live Up to his Hype?

Once upon a time, Alex Gordon was drafted ahead of stars like Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, and Ryan Zimmerman. That actually wasn’t that long ago — it was in 2005 when Gordon left Nebraska following his junior season and was taken second overall by the Kansas City Royals. Gordon was drafted behind Justin Upton who went to Arizona, and ahead of the aforementioned names who were all Top 10 picks.

At Nebraska, Alex was a star, slugging a combined 37 home runs while batting over .365 and OPSing over .1200 in his sophomore and junior years. His first year in the minors, Gordon continued that success belting 29 home runs while scoring 111 runs, driving in 101, and OPSing 1.015. The spectacular season in Double-A ball was good enough to get Gordon a starting gig with the Royals the next season, but he struggled.

His first three years in the bigs, Gordon hit for a low average, struck out a lot, and displayed sporadic power. After a slow start to the 2009 season, he was sent back down to the minors where he regained his stroke. Gordon faired much better in the minors the rest of the year and was set to begin the 2010 season in the majors. Once again he struggled, was sent down to Triple-A Omaha where he did much better, but upon his re-call to the majors he did not perform well.

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