Tony Dungy Says He’d Take Robert Griffin III Over Andrew Luck

With the 2011 NFL regular season in the books, the Colts have secured the first overall pick in next year’s draft. Now the question becomes what they will do with it. At this point it looks like the most likely scenario will be the Colts selecting a quarterback. Unless Peyton Manning can prove that he is 100 percent healthy and can give Indianapolis a reason to believe he’ll be around for 4 more years, they aren’t trading down too far. With that in mind, it all comes down to Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

Earlier in the season, Luck was the obvious choice. One Heisman Trophy and a bunch of eye-popping athletic plays later and the decision isn’t as clear-cut. In fact, former Colts coach Tony Dungy told the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday that he would take RG3 over Luck.

“I haven’t seen enough of everybody but I like those mobile guys,” Dungy said when asked who he would select with the top overall pick. “The way the game is and the guys that bring that extra dimension — I love Aaron Rodgers now and I’d take (him) over Brady and Brees for the pressure he puts on the defense with his running ability. I just see these guys like Griffin and Russell Wilson and they’re intriguing to me. I like Robert Griffin.”

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Andrew Luck Reportedly Expected to Sign with Peyton Manning’s Agent

Can you say awwwwwkward? In a column at Yahoo! Sports, Jason Cole says Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is expected to choose Peyton Manning‘s agents to represent him. Luck is expected to be the top pick in the NFL draft, although some teams reportedly prefer Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. We’ve already heard that Peyton Manning may try to force a trade if the Colts drafts Luck, so this makes matters even more complicated.

Tom Condon and Ben Dogra at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) may end up in a messy situation. If they sign Luck as a client, they’ll try to get him drafted first overall. They’ll also try to negotiate the best possible contract for him, and they might prefer that he begins playing immediately. Would that motivate them to push for Peyton to be traded? I would think so.

You can say that Luck should just choose another agent to avoid the conflict of interest, but why should he have to choose different representation because of the circumstance? Perhaps the only way around this potentially awkward scenario is if the Colts win two more games and don’t get the top pick in the draft.

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Archie Manning: Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck Don’t Want to Play Together

With Peyton Manning having been out with a neck injury all season, his father has decided to become more vocal. Nobody really knows why Archie Manning has decided to come forward and defend his son Eli or analyze the Colts draft status heading into 2012, but he has.  On Tuesday, Archie shed some light on the Andrew Luck situation in Indianapolis.  Assuming father and son exchange dialogue from time to time, it’s now pretty obvious that Peyton would rather not play on the same team as Luck.

“I don’t think it’d necessarily be great for either one,” Archie Manning said on FOX Sports 570’s Zakk & Jack Show.  “I think Andrew’s the type of mature player, you’ve seen him play he can walk right in.  I mean, these other three or four guys that are playing this year, if they can walk in and contribute, Andrew can, too.

“We know Andrew well.  He comes down to our camp every year.  I used to play with his dad (Oliver). I’m in New York, I heard from him last night.  Peyton’s always tried to help Andrew and kind of be a friend, but I doubt if either one of them wants to play on the same team.”

Every rookie wants a chance to start right away.  However, I’m sure Luck wouldn’t mind being on the Colts as much as Peyton would mind having him there.  Although Peyton insists Phil Simms was wrong in his assertion that a healthy Manning would never let the Colts draft Luck, I’m sure he wouldn’t be all that thrilled with Indy drafting a quarterback with the first overall pick.  If Peyton continues to play, he wants to win another Super Bowl.  Drafting a quarterback with the top pick in the draft would do nothing to help him personally.  For Luck, a chance to study under a Hall of Fame quarterback for a couple seasons wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

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Washington Coach Steve Sarkisian Would Take Matt Barkley Over Andrew Luck

Never in my life can I remember more buzz surrounding a college quarterback than Andrew Luck. That’s not to say it hasn’t happened — I just can’t remember it. When teams lose their first few games of the season and fans are already talking about tanking on purpose, they have to be shockingly excited about the possibility of drafting the consensus No. 1 overall pick.  At least one college coach isn’t buying the hype.

Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian, who used to coach at USC under Pete Carroll, said on Tuesday that he would take the Trojans Matt Barkley over Luck if he were drafting an NFL quarterback.

“I think Matt Barkley is playing at a high level,” Sarkisian said according to Shutdown Corner. “I said this earlier to the staff and I’ll say it to you guys — if I’m an NFL head coach I’d pick Matt Barkley over Andrew Luck. I think he is playing at that high a level. I think where he fits into the National Football League and his pocket presence and what Lane [Kiffin] is doing with him, the variety of offense that they’re playing with, his ability to make all of the throws, anticipate throws, throwing them on time, throwing them accurately, he’s fantastic to me. And I know him personally, so I have a little better insight of who he is, what we represents. I think he’s fantastic.”

Knowing him personally obviously also creates a bias, but Sarkisian is not the only one who feels that way about Luck.  Barkley has thrown for 28 touchdowns and six interceptions compared to Luck’s 26 scores and five picks, so it is not unreasonable to compare the two.

The world of sports works in mysterious ways.  When enough people buy into one particular player, you start to get the feeling the odds are stacked against that player.  It is going to be extremely difficult for Luck to live up to the hype that is surrounded him.  In order to do so, he will have to rescue the franchise that selects him.  That could be the single most difficult thing to do in the NFL.

Peyton Manning Rips Phil Simms for Andrew Luck Comment

Peyton Manning has never been one for trash talk. Much like fellow superstar quarterbacks Tom Brady and Drew Brees, Manning rarely ever responds to criticism or says anything that can be turned into a media headline.  It could be that Manning is cranky from having to miss every game this season because of a lingering neck injury, or it could be that Phil Simms’ comments about Peyton not allowing the Colts to draft Andrew Luck really, really pissed him off.

“I don’t talk to Phil,” Manning said according to the Indianapolis Star via Pro Football Talk.  “Phil doesn’t talk to me.  He did text me after that, saying ‘Hey, sorry to drag your name into this.’  I wrote back, ‘Phil I don’t know what you’re talking about.’  He said, ‘Well on my show, Inside the NFL, I made this statement.’  I said, ‘Phil, I hate to break it to you, but I don’t watch your show, along with a lot of other people that I don’t think watch that show.’  Giving himself a little more credit than probably was merited.”

That’s probably the most controversial thing we have ever heard Manning say.  Clearly those comments made by Simms got under his skin, and why shouldn’t they? Phil basically made it sound like Manning is a baby who would stamp his feet if the Colts tried to draft his replacement.  To assume that he would not want to be a mentor for a young quarterback with a ton of potential and would take the Brett Favre approach is completely unfair.

For the sake of Colts fans, Manning should let the front office and coaches do what they want in the upcoming draft. We wouldn’t want all those custom jerseys to go to waste now, would we?

Colts Fans Already Have Andrew Luck Jerseys (Picture)

Some Colts fans are so invested in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes, they already have Andrew Luck jerseys made:

The Colts are still looking good in their Suck for Luck campaign. They got beat down 27-10 by the Titans Sunday while St. Louis got its first win. Now that the Rams have Steven Jackson healthy and Brandon Lloyd on the roster, they look like they could start winning some games.

As for the other winless team, the Dolphins had a lead on the Giants before blowing it. They’re finding ways to lose games, but they’re looking more competitive than the Colts.

These fans may get their wish, but that likely will cause plenty of problems with Peyton Manning and the transition may be difficult. Plus, if you believe what at least one player says, Luck may not even be worth it.

Pic via Clay Travis, Sports by Brooks Live

Phil Simms: No Way Peyton Manning Would let Colts Draft Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts reportedly would strongly consider drafting Andrew Luck if they have the opportunity. Shocker, I know, I’m also surprised to hear that they like talented players. Next thing you know we’ll be told they like winning, too. Anyway, that puts the Colts in an interesting position because if they drafted Luck, they would have him and future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning is recovering from multiple neck surgeries, but he was still one of the league’s best quarterbacks last season. Former Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms said on Inside the NFL that there’s no way Manning would allow the Colts to draft Luck.

“There is no way if Peyton Manning is given a clean bill of health — I’m going to go on that assumption — that he is going to let them draft Andrew Luck. There is no way, in my opinion, these two will be on the same team. And it’s not because Peyton doesn’t like him.

“In this day and age, even with Peyton Manning, people would be crying, ‘We’ve got to see Andrew Luck.’ ”

Simms also was critical of Luck’s ability to throw the ball, saying he was more impressed by Luck’s running ability.

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