Braxton Miller thinks he, LeBron and Johnny Manziel are now faces of Ohio


Braxton Miller may have officially won LeBron-mania on Friday with the tweet he sent shortly after LeBron James announced he was going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland is suddenly a sports town loaded with star power. LeBron and his buddy Johnny Manziel are the biggest names, but Miller is still big man on campus (literally speaking, of course).

“Ohio,” Miller wrote along with the photo you see above before deleting his tweet.

Why did Miller delete that? King James, Johnny Football and BRAXTON MILLER all together in one sports city! Is this everything the fans of Cleveland could have hoped for or what? They’re officially the new Big Three.

Braxton Miller leaves with knee injury – sprained MCL (Video)

Ohio State’s season was in question for a few minutes when junior quarterback Braxton Miller went down with a knee and possible head injury in the Buckeyes’ first drive against San Diego State on Saturday.

Braxton Miller injuryMiller converted a 4th and 1 on a designed run inside the red zone, but he was crunched by two Aztecs defenders and even had his helmet knocked off. He was able to walk off the field on his own, but he was carted into the locker room to be evaluated.

The Buckeyes determined Miller sprained his MCL and gave him a brace. He did not return to the game.

Miller entered the season as one of the Heisman Trophy favorites. He threw for 2,039 yards and 15 touchdowns last season, and rushed for 1,271 yards and 13 scores. Kenny Guiton replaced Miller and threw for 152 yards and two touchdowns, while rushing for 83 yards and a score in the 42-7 win.

You can breathe easier now, SpinMax.

Urban Meyer: Braxton Miller is more talented than Tim Tebow

Urban Meyer has high hopes for freshman quarterback Braxton Miller. The Buckeyes signal-caller has looked great through the early part of the season and gotten it done with both his legs and arm. Miller has led Ohio State to wins in its first three games and has 988 total yards and 12 total touchdowns. Is he the most talented quarterback Meyer has ever coached?

Of course not. This is the same Meyer who rode Tim Tebow to two BCS National Championships at Florida. He wouldn’t dare give Miller the edge over Tebow in any category, right?

“Very similar guys,” Meyer said Thursday when comparing Tebow and Miller, according to Fear the Hat. “They’re both competitive human beings. They’re both very talented people. Braxton has more talent. Tim is probably more of a grinder.”

Ya’ll don’t say that. Even if it’s true, ya’ll still don’t say that. As Chris Huston of CBSSports.com mentioned, Tebow had 1,027 total yards and 13 touchdowns through his first three games in 2007 — the year he won the Heisman Trophy. Miller’s numbers are quite similar, so it will be interesting to see how the remainder of the season turns out.

In reality, Meyer is just trying to give his quarterback confidence and is in no way trying to insult his favorite player of all time. Tebow has some freak athleticism, but it’s possible Miller could be a little more talented. Does that make them equals? Hardly, and Meyer is well aware of that. That doesn’t mean his comments won’t irritate Tebowmaniacs like this one.

Helmet knock to Dr. Saturday
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