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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Articles tagged: Brock Osweiler

Brock Osweiler will reportedly start against Patriots

The Denver Broncos are reportedly planning to start Brock Osweiler against the New England Patriots next weekend. The team has not made an official announcement, but Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that a decision has been reached. Brock Osweiler will make another start for the Broncos against the Patriots on Sunday night, per team sources….Read More

Report: Peyton Manning more focused on healing than helping Brock Osweiler

Peyton Manning hasn’t been involved at all in helping Brock Osweiler prepare for Sunday’s start, focusing instead on getting healthy. Manning hasn’t been at any practices or meetings during the week, according to NFL Media’s James Palmer on Thursday. He also hasn’t had any conversations with Brock Osweiler about planning for Sunday. It should be…Read More

Peyton Manning benched for Brock Osweiler

Peyton Manning set an NFL record on Sunday for most career passing yards, and then he was benched. Manning was benched in favor of backup quarterback Brock Osweiler roughly halfway through the third quarter. He completed just 5-of-20 passes for 35 yards and four interceptions. The Broncos were trailing the Chiefs 22-0 at the time…Read More

Brock Osweiler on Peyton Manning moment: It’s all good

The funniest moment of the NFL weekend came during a moment of confusion on the Denver Broncos’ sidelines. Late in the third quarter of the Broncos’ blowout win over the Oakland Raiders, Denver backup QB Brock Osweiler could be seen throwing a mini-fit when he saw Peyton Manning re-enter the game. Osweiler thought he was…Read More

Brock Osweiler heartbroken Peyton Manning went back into game (Video)

With the Denver Broncos up 41-10 in the third quarter of their game Sunday in Oakland, Brock Osweiler was pretty excited at the prospect of getting a quarter’s worth of playing time. After all, the Broncos’ backup quarterback had only thrown one pass all season — an incompletion in Week 7 against the 49ers. Osweiler…Read More

Brock Osweiler Tattoo Has Grammatical Error (Picture)

One business I would love to be involved in 25 years from now is tattoo removal. As technology advances and removing tattoos becomes less painful, a ton of people who have embarrassing ink or tattoos that just don’t look good on their old bodies will be getting them taken off. Oh, and people whose tattoos…Read More

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