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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Articles tagged: Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert pulls alternate jersey prank on fans

Having just a home and away uniform seems so old school now considering so many teams have a third (or more) alternate. The Cavaliers are no different. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert teased a new uniform his team would take the floor wearing this season on Tuesday. He posted the above photo to his Twitter account…Read More

Dan Gilbert apologized to LeBron James for letter during meeting

Dan Gilbert and LeBron James met in Miami on Sunday, days before LeBron would announce his decision to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the meeting, both men expressed regret over their actions in 2010. According to Yahoo! Sports, Gilbert apologized for writing “The letter” following James’ departure to Miami. James apologized for his…Read More

Dan Gilbert’s son had a great LeBron James question

Was anyone more angry with LeBron James in 2010 than Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert? The childish letter Gilbert wrote basically labeling LeBron the worst person on earth said it all. With that in mind, I’m stunned that Gilbert is claiming he allowed his son to keep his No. 23 Cavs¬†jersey after LeBron left. My…Read More

LeBron James reportedly still bothered by Dan Gilbert letter

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was not wise to burn bridges with LeBron James four years ago. Rather than looking at the bigger picture and realizing that LeBron would be a free agent more than once during the prime of his career, Gilbert reacted by attacking LeBron’s character and making promises he could not keep….Read More

Dan Gilbert removes open letter to LeBron James after four years

LeBron James may wind up re-signing with the Miami Heat in the very near future, but don’t be fooled into thinking Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert isn’t trying to bring him back. There are just too many signs to ignore. On Monday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst pointed out that the scathing letter Gilbert wrote to LeBron…Read More

Dan Gilbert regrets saying Cavs would win an NBA title before LeBron James

It took more than two years, but it appears that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is finally beginning to think rationally as he continues to deal with the pain of losing LeBron James. As you likely remember, Gilbert wrote a hilarious letter to Cavs fans after LeBron signed with the Heat and emphatically guaranteed that…Read More

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