Dan Gilbert apologized to LeBron James for letter during meeting

Dan GilbertDan Gilbert and LeBron James met in Miami on Sunday, days before LeBron would announce his decision to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the meeting, both men expressed regret over their actions in 2010.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Gilbert apologized for writing “The letter” following James’ departure to Miami. James apologized for his “The Decision” TV announcement.

“We had five great years together and one terrible night,” Gilbert told James, according to Yahoo! Sports. “I told him how sorry I was, expressed regret for how that night went and how I let all the emotion and passion for situation carry me away. I told him I wish had never done it, that I wish I could take it back.”

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Gilbert told Yahoo! that James’ business partners, Maverick Carter and Rich Paul, helped make him feel comfortable about the situation and meeting, and lauded them for being “professional.”

And like he (partially) did in 2012, Gilbert said he regretted writing the letter.

“After a few months, I would re-read it and just be full of regret. That wasn’t me, that wasn’t who I am. I didn’t mean most of the things I said in there. The venom it produced, from all sides … I wish … I wish I had never done it,” Gilbert said of the letter to Yahoo!

Better for Gilbert to apologize now than not at all.

But you know what all this means? Those reports about Gilbert flying on his private jet to meet with LeBron in Miami on Sunday night were actually accurate all along! Learning that might be the best piece of information from this entire thing.

Dan Gilbert’s son had a great LeBron James question


Was anyone more angry with LeBron James in 2010 than Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert? The childish letter Gilbert wrote basically labeling LeBron the worst person on earth said it all. With that in mind, I’m stunned that Gilbert is claiming he allowed his son to keep his No. 23 Cavs jersey after LeBron left.

Gilbert’s son would have been 4 at the time. Given the way Gilbert reacted when LeBron left, I would have thought he would make his son burn the jersey like a bunch of other fans did.

Although, teaching your son to burn a jersey would probably send the wrong message. Only a Dallas Cowboys fan would do something like that.

LeBron James reportedly still bothered by Dan Gilbert letter

Dan-GilbertCleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was not wise to burn bridges with LeBron James four years ago. Rather than looking at the bigger picture and realizing that LeBron would be a free agent more than once during the prime of his career, Gilbert reacted by attacking LeBron’s character and making promises he could not keep. And now, it may cost him.

Chris Broussard of ESPN reports that Gilbert’s infamous comic sans letter is one reason, if not “the major reason,” that LeBron’s decision is taking so long.

“If it wasn’t for that letter, this would’ve been done awhile ago,” a source told Broussard.

Gilbert has never issued a public apology to LeBron. There have been rumors that the two patched things up, but neither James nor the Cavs owner have ever confirmed that. By saying the deal would have been done a while ago if not for the letter, Broussard’s source — whatever that means to you — is basically saying LeBron wants to go back to Cleveland.

LeBron has admitted that “The Decision” was mishandled, and I’m sure he understands how much it tortured Cavs fans. Still, he probably can’t help but keep the words Gilbert used to describe him — like “coward” and “narcissist” — fresh in his mind. If LeBron does return to Cleveland, it won’t be because he wants to play for Gilbert again.

All that said, this is extremely difficult to believe. Broussard threw some stuff in the end of his article about how LeBron was the first player to speak out publicly against Sterling, so some believe it would be “hypocritical” of LeBron to return and play for Gilbert. Are we really comparing Gilbert’s childish letter to a fellow owner’s disgustingly racist beliefs? Come on.

Dan Gilbert removes open letter to LeBron James after four years

LeBron-CavsLeBron James may wind up re-signing with the Miami Heat in the very near future, but don’t be fooled into thinking Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert isn’t trying to bring him back. There are just too many signs to ignore.

On Monday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst pointed out that the scathing letter Gilbert wrote to LeBron after James left the Cavs in 2010 is no longer up on the team’s official website. It had been available at this link for four years prior to Monday.

The open letter, which was kind of an embarrassment to Gilbert and the Cavs, ripped LeBron for betraying Cleveland and described the MVP as “narcissistic.” It also guaranteed fans that the Cavs would win a championship before James did, and we all saw how that turned out.

In addition to the letter being removed, there is also reason to believe that Gilbert (or his people) flew to South Florida on Sunday. A report from Windhorst and his colleague Marc Stein later indicated that the Cavs believe LeBron is legitimately hearing them out and has not ruled out a return to his home state.

We have said all along that we believe LeBron will ultimately return to the Heat, and we’re not going to change our minds. But as I said earlier, the only thing LeBron could do to better his legacy aside from winning another ring or two with the Heat would be to return home and bring a Larry O’Brien trophy to the people of Cleveland. Just go ahead and admit it — that would be fun.

Dan Gilbert’s plane increases speculation about LeBron James returning to Cavs

Dan-GilbertOnly in 2014 could the tracking information for an NBA owner’s private jet lead to speculation about free agency.

On Sunday morning, Cleveland sports radio host Joe Lull tweeted that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was on his way to South Florida. Naturally, everyone took that to mean he was going to meet with LeBron James.

Gilbert could have been going to meet with another free agent like Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade. He also could have just felt like taking a trip to Florida, and he wouldn’t be the first tourist to do so.

Shortly after Lull’s tweet went viral, Gilbert claimed he was home in his backyard.

That didn’t put an end to the buzz. Somehow, various resourceful Twitter users got a hold of Gilbert’s plane registration info and were able to track it using the website FlightAware.com. While there is no way to prove that Gilbert was actually on the plane, it can be confirmed that the plane did indeed fly to Florida on Sunday.

Not only that, but SB Nation pointed out that another savvy interneter took note of the fact that the plane flew to Indiana when the Cavs reportedly met with Gordon Hayward and to New Jersey, where Kyrie Irving grew up, when Irving signed his extension.

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Dan Gilbert regrets saying Cavs would win an NBA title before LeBron James

It took more than two years, but it appears that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is finally beginning to think rationally as he continues to deal with the pain of losing LeBron James. As you likely remember, Gilbert wrote a hilarious letter to Cavs fans after LeBron signed with the Heat and emphatically guaranteed that Cleveland would win an NBA championship before LeBron won one.

LeBron is already the proud owner of a flashy NBA championship ring, and Gilbert now regrets making that promise.

“Looking back now, that probably was not the most brilliant thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Gilbert said Tuesday — the day LeBron got his shiny new ring — according to an Associated Press report.

“If you’re going to predict something that doesn’t happen and you’re going to do it publicly, you’d for sure take it back,” he continued. “When that happened when they won, it was the end of the end of the end of that whole thing. Now there’s nothing more to talk about. In a way it was like a little bit of a relief. If they didn’t win it, it would’ve been still another thing of who’s going to win it (first).”

There was nothing left to talk about back when Gilbert was trying to look into whether or not the Heat tampered with LeBron, but he was still hung up on it. Now that LeBron has won a championship and it probably won’t be his last, Gilbert really has to prove to the fans that he can get past losing one of the biggest stars in NBA history. He can start by focusing on his own team and his own team only.

Dan Gilbert’s foolish prediction was wrong: LeBron won a title before Cavs

LeBron James has been criticized so much over the past several years that it’s hard to keep track of it all. But one thing few people forgot was what Dan Gilbert said shortly after LeBron James left the Cavs to sign with the Heat.

When the jilted Cavs owner wrote a letter to his fan base in July of 2010 — in Comic Sans font — he issued the following guarantee:


The Cavs were tied for the third-worst record in the NBA this season while the Heat won the NBA title. Who looks like the jerk now?

Gilbert finally tweeted on Thursday night shortly after the Heat won the title, but he didn’t exactly give Miami or LeBron credit:

Remember, Dan: There are no shortcuts. You said so yourself.