DeAndre Jordan’s alley-oop from Chris Paul may be the dunk of the year (Video)

DeAndre Jordan dunkDeAndre Jordan threw down a powerful alley-oop from Chris Paul Sunday that has him as our front-runner for NBA dunk of the year.

During the second quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers’ 129-97 beatdown on the Detroit Pistons, Jordan charged down the paint, took a lob from Paul and threw it down with amazing force that knocked would-be defender Brandon Knight to the ground.

The incredibly powerful display caused the Clippers bench players, the fans, and TV announcer Ralph Lawler to lose their minds. Coach Vinny Del Negro even had to hold back Blake Griffin, who was supremely fired up from the bench.

Jordan has thrown down quite a few sick dunks this season, but that tops all of them. His distance from the basket, height on the dunk, and powerful display over Knight all combine to make this one of the best of the season.

Who would have figured that on a team with Griffin and Eric Bledsoe, it might be DeAndre Jordan with the best dunk of the season?

For comparison, below is a list of some of the other best dunks from the season:

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DeAndre Jordan bricks free throw attempt (Video)

DeAndre Jordan free throwDeAndre Jordan bricked a free throw during Thursday’s Los Angeles Clippers-Los Angeles Lakers game in epic fashion.

The fifth-year center went to the line with 4:34 left in the first half and hoisted up the first of two free throws. His shot appeared to have the right arc, but it was a good two feet wide to the right. Guard Jamal Crawford, who was standing behind him, put his hands on his head after the miss as if to say, “Oh my god.” The attempt was so awful that Jordan even had a laugh.

The best reaction of all may have come from Jordan’s mom, who tweeted this:

Jordan is paid for his defense and rebounding, but his offensive game really needs work. And his career 43.7 percent mark from the free throw line is an embarrassment. The only good news is at least that’s not the worst attempt we’ve seen this season. This one was.

H/T Matt Moore/Eye on Basketball, SB Nation

Blake Griffin dunks on Spencer Hawes; DeAndre Jordan joins the fun (Video)

Blake Griffin dunk on Spencer HawesThe Los Angeles Clippers beat the Philadelphia 76ers 107-90 Monday, which was the team’s largest margin of victory over the 76ers in franchise history. At one point, the game became somewhat of a dunking exhibition for the Clippers, which is nothing unusual for them.

Blake Griffin put together another spectacular dunk. The power forward switched hands and jammed on Philly center Spencer Hawes with his left hand during the third quarter. Griffin was fouled on the play and attempted a free throw which he missed, but center DeAndre Jordan power-jammed it home, giving the Clippers highlight-reel worthy dunks on back-to-back plays.

Griffin had 20 points, nine rebounds, and five assists in 28 minutes. Jordan had eight points and 10 rebounds in 24 minutes. Despite appearances, the Clippers did have one blunder. Jordan missed an alley-oop attempt in the second quarter:

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DeAndre Jordan pretends to fart on people in hilarious prank video

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is currently working together with The NOC to bring you a YouTube prank show called “Got ‘Em.” This should make you very, very happy.

As it turns out, Jordan is hilarious. His sense of humor is on full display in the latest installment of “Got ‘Em,” during which DeAndre walked around Venice Beach with a fart machine messing with everyone from children to old ladies. Emotions ranged from angry to amused to confused, and overall it would be tough to call the skit anything but a success.

Pictures like this one showed us that people like messing with DeAndre, but apparently he enjoys dishing it out just as much.

Thanks to Deadspin for the video

Clippers mess with DeAndre Jordan while he’s sleeping on plane (Picture)

There are certain players in the NBA who you don’t want to fall asleep around unless you expect the entire Twitter universe to see you. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are two of those people. They proved that on Sunday afternoon when Clippers teammate DeAndre Jordan fell asleep on the plane and was given the old “here, have some food” treatment.

Much like the Timberwolves when Kevin Love is around to post photos like this one from the London Olympics, you either need to stay awake on the plane or steal everyone’s cell phone before taking a nap if you’re a member of the Clippers.

Photo via Blake Griffin’s Twitter

DeAndre Jordan Throws Down Three Dunks, Two from Chris Paul (Video)

Let’s not get excited. The Clippers may have beaten the Lakers by a considerable margin in an exhibition game on Monday night, but that’s why it was an exhibition game. Okay, you can get a little excited. 

When Blake Griffin first got the news about Chris Paul coming to the Clippers he acted like an excited 12-year-old who just realized he and his best friend got drafted by the same YMCA team. Yeah! Lob city! The man who took the phone call was DeAndre Jordan, and while most people are talking about Griffin and CP3 it looks like Jordan is going to shine in the new offense as well.  Check out these three dunks that Jordan threw down against the Lakers, two of which were alley-oops from Paul:

NBA Finals or no NBA Finals, this is going to be an exciting team to watch.  When they get going on offense it’s going to be almost impossible for opponents to match the Clippers’ athleticism.  With guys who can finish like Griffin and Jordan and someone who can set them up while also posing a threat to shoot from anywhere on the floor, Los Angeles (B) could quickly switch places with Los Angeles (A). Blake was right: the Clippers are no longer a joke.