Jim Mora gets distracted by reporter’s insanely colorful pants (Video)

Jim-Mora-reporter-pantsUCLA head coach Jim Mora had plenty to talk about after his team’s dominating win over Virginia Tech on Tuesday night. The Bruins beat the Hokies 42-12 in the Sun Bowl. When a reporter asked Mora how UCLA was able to have so much success against a typically stingy Virginia Tech defense, the coach found himself a bit distracted.

“Let me ask you a question,” Mora replied. “Where did you get those pants? I think those are great.”

As Jill Painter Lopez of the LA Daily News pointed out, the reporter appeared to be wearing Loudmouth Golf pants. Loudmouth is one of the leading brands in colorful golf attire. He jokingly told Mora that he got the pants from his closet.

If you want to steal the show in the media room after a bowl game, just wear rainbow pants. Clearly it works.

Andre Ethier rocks plaid suit, bow tie on road trip

Andre Ethier plaid suit

The Los Angeles Dodgers are headed to St. Louis for Game 6 of the NLCS on Friday, and Andre Ethier decided to make a fashion statement for the road trip. The Dodgers outfielder showed up to Dodger Stadium Thursday wearing a plaid suit, yellow bow tie, and what appears to be a pair of bowling shoes.

Is that an early Halloween costume? Did he lose a bet? Victim of a prank? There’s no way Ethier could possibly wear that outfit because he thinks it looks good. Homeboy coming onto the team bus looking like Marvin Acme Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Dude was one step away from playing patty cake with Jessica Rabbit:

Marvin Acme Jessica Rabbit

As for actual baseball news, Ethier is expected to play in Game 6 despite the microfracture in his left leg, which is great news for the Dodgers. He’s not the best in center, but he is still a good bat to have in the lineup.

See who else has been arrested by the LBS fashion police.

Photo: Twitter/Dodgers

Dwyane Wade wears Capri pants to Game 4

Dwyane Wade Capri pants

Yes, Dwyane Wade really showed up to Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls wearing that outfit. Wade certainly pushes the limits when it comes to his postseason fashion choices, and this was no different. Capri pants, loafers, a double-breasted jacket, patterned suit, and some phony glasses. I think he forgot his ascot and pipe at home.

In the image below, you can get a closer look at his sockless, short pants look:

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Carmelo Anthony wore a ridiculous military outfit (Picture)


Carmelo Anthony went a little overboard with his latest foray into the fashion world.

Following the Knicks’ 110-106 loss to the Chicago Bulls on Friday, Melo wore the military-style hat, jacket, and shirt seen above. He generally looked like a funky version of M. Bison, or the next villain in a James Bond movie.

Melo was ejected from the game after drawing his second technical foul for swatting at Joakim Noah. Nothing says “I’m a tough guy” quite like sporting that outfit.

Hey, at least this was better than his purple Joker outfit from 2009.

Here’s video of Melo after the game:

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Mike Rozier’s outfit stole the Heisman Trophy ceremony (Picture)

Mike Rozier isn’t one of the more notable Heisman Trophy winners in history, but those born after he won it in 1983 sure know who he is now thanks to the suit he was rocking on Saturday.

The former Nebraska running back chose to sport a pimp hat and double-patterned suit. Pimp hats already garner enough attention on their own, but then you have to factor in Rozier’s bizarre suit choice to get the whole feeling of his hideous look. His suit jacket started with a criss-crossing pattern, and then it changed to the traditional solid color look around the midsection.

I guess we should consider this outfit to be perfect for those who cannot make up their minds. What a fashion tragedy.

Dwyane Wade takes skinny jeans to a whole new level (Picture)

Dwyane Wade has taken many bold fashion steps over the past few years ever since hiring a consultant to dress him. He’s worn the pointless nerd glasses, color-coordinated his finger wraps with his ties, and he even painted his toe nails. Maybe his most notable look was the hot pink pants he wore during the playoffs.

Coming in a close second are the super-skinny pants he wore on a recent team flight.

Heat teammate LeBron James was so struck by the pants that he shared a picture of them on Twitter and Instagram, saying Wade was “taking fashion to a whole new level with these pants.”

What do you think? Is Wade setting a fashion trend or is this a look he should ditch? I know what my answer is: toss em!

Photo via LeBron James/Twitter

Brandon Phillips rocks his Ray Ban sunglasses in interview after loss (Picture)

The Reds have a crucial Game 5 of the NLDS upcoming against the Giants on Thursday afternoon, and Brandon Phillips looked ready for it on Wednesday night despite his team’s loss. After San Francisco defeated Cincinnati 8-3 to even the series at 2-2, Phillips rocked his Ray Ban sunglasses while talking to reporters.

Some of you may think this a good look, but others will probably point to the fact that Phillips was wearing his sunglasses at night, was indoors and was trying to make a fashion statement after a loss. Until he starts wearing gnarly jean jackets and ridiculous shoes to his press conferences after playoff games (win or lose), the Reds second baseman will not be on Russell Westbrook’s level. But wearing Ray Ban’s at a completely inappropriate time is certainly a start.