Ice Cube throws out first pitch at Dodgers game (Video)

Ice Cube threw out the first pitch for the Los Angeles Dodgers-Detroit Tigers game on Tuesday. The Dodgers’ Twitter account said Cube brought the heat, but from what I could see, it looked like he brought the hook.

Cube also addressed the fans prior to his pitch and let out his trademark “yayay” while throwing up a “W” for Westside:

Cube still yelling Compton even though he moved to Riverside? Let’s hope not.

Ice Cube Dodgers

Photo: Twitter/Dodgers

Oh nothing, just Tommy Lasorda and Ice Cube


Los Angeles Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda has as much swag as any 85-year-old in the game. We know this from his hilarious comments about his death wish and other great moments Lasorda has provided over the years. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised to see him kicking it with Ice Cube.

Lasorda posted the photo you see above on Twitter Monday night. That’s right, the old man has a Twitter. The question is was he making a reference to Ice Cube’s music with the caption he provided?

“(Ice Cube) told me it was a good day,” Lasorda wrote. “I told him, ‘Every day at Blue Heaven on Earth is a great day.'”

[Photo: Did Tommy Lasorda fall asleep during the Dodgers-Braves game]

Was that unintentional, or did Tommy just go “Today Was a Good Day” on us? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Ice Cube goes off on Dwight Howard in profane rant (Video)

Ice CubeDwight Howard’s departure from the Los Angeles Lakers has made him an enemy in the City of Angels. I’m sure he knew this was coming, but do you think Howard realized to what extent he’d be upsetting folks? If not, we have this video from Ice Cube to prove the point.

The rapper/actor went off on Howard during the Kings of the Mic Tour at the Greek Theatre on Sunday, according to the about page of the YouTube video. Cube calls Howard by the nickname “Dwight Coward,” and he drops about every cuss word imaginable during the rant. The language in the video is obviously NSFW:

“F— Dwight Howard. God dammit. We don’t need those punka– mutha—-ers on our team. We could give a f— about a Dwight Coward. We don’t need no b—-es on our team,” Cube says during the rant, which had dirtier words than his “No Vaseline” song.

“So I predict tonight, Kobe will win another championship before Dwight Howard ever sniffs one.”

Cube is a big LA sports fan and I understand why he is upset with Howard, but he’s crazy if he thinks Kobe will win another ring before Dwight sniffs one. The Rockets are so much closer to winning a championship than the Lakers. This is almost as bad as Cavs owner Dan Gilbert saying Cleveland would win a title before LeBron James. It’s nothing but bitterness from Lakers fans at this point, who don’t realize how much better of a situation Houston was for Howard.

If the Lakers wanted to keep Howard, they would have told Kobe that he had to become second in line to Howard and that the Lakers were Dwight’s team. But of course nobody is going to tell Kobe that, so that’s why Howard left.