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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Articles tagged: J.J. Watt

This is the best JJ Watt Halloween costume

I have never been a fan of throwing on some football equipment and a jersey and going as your favorite player for Halloween. It’s fine when kids do it, but it’s something childish that adults shouldn’t be doing when they’re going to a party to get hammered. Unless, of course, you go as JJ Watt…Read More

Jon Gruden turns into a boxer describing JJ Watt (Video)

Jon Gruden has a lot of crushes on football players, and he’s not afraid to share them. While calling Monday night’s Steelers-Texans game, the former coach’s crush on JJ Watt became evident. After Watt sacked Ben Roethlisberger in the second quarter, ESPN ran through a bullet point presentation of what makes Watt so good. As…Read More

JJ Watt does not have a girlfriend because of focus on football

JJ Watt does not have a girlfriend, but that’s not because he’s opposed to having one. Rather, Watt values personal relationships and believes his commitment to football would make it difficult to give the kind of time and attention he thinks a girlfriend deserves. Watt talked about his love life in an interview with ESPN’s…Read More

JJ Watt bought his mom a car for her birthday

JJ Watt signed a six-year, $100 million contract extension with the Houston Texans last month. That kind of dough should allow the All-Pro defensive end to buy himself a lot of nice things. It also gives him the means by which to thank his mother. Watt’s mom had a birthday this week, so he decided…Read More

This JJ Watt pick six was ridiculous (Video)

J.J. Watt made a complete game-changing play for the Houston Texans against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. The Bills were up 10-7 and about to add to their lead. They had a 3rd-and-3 at the Houston 12 at the start of the third quarter thanks to a Ryan Fitzpatrick interception. E.J. Manuel threw a pass…Read More

JJ Watt touchdown catch gets ‘Turn Down for Watt’ remix (Video)

JJ Watt can do it all for the Houston Texans. The Texans defensive end lined up on offense for Houston on Sunday and caught a 1-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter to make it 7-0 Houston over Oakland. It was Watt’s first career offensive touchdown. Watt played some tight end in college, but this…Read More

JJ Watt is nasty at hockey (Video)

Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt is a massive human being. He is 6-foot-5 and weighs just south of 300 pounds. You wouldn’t know that by putting a hockey stick in his hands. Watt posted a video on Twitter Tuesday afternoon of him showing off his hockey skills in case Patrick Kane and Team USA…Read More

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