Jared Dudley doesn’t understand why Dwight Howard wants to play for the Nets

Wherever Dwight Howard ends up this offseason, NBA fans should be relieved that we no longer have to listen to the speculation. Dwight has tried to play himself off as the good guy over the past year or so, but the truth of the matter is he has embarrassed himself. Nothing would surprise us at this point, but it is starting to look like Howard will wind up in a Nets uniform next season. Suns G/F Jared Dudley is having trouble understanding why Brooklyn is the big man’s preferred destination.


First and foremost, the Nets move from New Jersey to New York is something that should build excitement and receive a good amount of attention. Based on some of the things we’ve seen Dwight do over the past few months, we know he loves attention. Jay-Z and a basketball team in Brooklyn are a good combination in that sense.

From a basketball standpoint, I can’t say I blame Dwight. If he goes to the Nets, they will be able to keep Deron Williams. They also recently acquired Joe Johnson, and while his contract may be one of the worst in the NBA he is still a difference maker on the court. The Mavericks and Lakers already have established their championship teams and have aging superstars like Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki. Brooklyn gives Howard and company a chance to start their own legacy in a brand new city. I get why he wants to go there. I don’t get why he has to be so annoying about it.

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Jared Dudley: Chris Paul Without Dwight Howard Would Make Lakers Worse

According to Yahoo! Sports, Chris Paul is headed to the Lakers. The proposed deal will send Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom to the Hornets in exchange for CP3. The Houston Rockets could also be involved. The details will soon be hashed out, but it appears phase one of the Lakers makeover is complete.  With Andrew Bynum not a part of the reported trade, it would stand to reason that he could be a centerpiece for another trade that would bring Dwight Howard to L.A.

Assuming all the information is accurate, the first (only?) trade raises an interesting point.  As I Am a GM shared with us, Suns forward Jared Dudley provided his opinion on the rumors via his Twitter account Thursday.  Does he have a point?

“I’m hearing all this chatter about CP3 to the Lakers and Pau to (Houston),” Dudley wrote. “I’m telling you now if they do that and don’t get Howard then (they’re) worse.”

If the Paul trade is indeed what Wojnarowski says it is, common sense would tell you the Lakers intend to use Bynum as a facilitator for adding Howard.  But what if it doesn’t happen?  If for some reason the Lakers are unable to pull off a trade for Superman, did they just make themselves worse?

L.A. has obviously improved their backcourt, but they would need to add a role player or two to compensate for their lack of size.  In fact, even if they trade for Howard they will still be smaller than they were last season, and front court depth has been one of their strengths.  Obviously exchanging Gasol, Odom, and Bynum for Paul and Howard yields more talent, but the Lakers are giving up an awful lot of size and depth in their front court.

Given Bynum’s injury history and inconsistency, the Lakers are now in a position where they have to find a way to acquire Howard.  If they can, they will immediately become the favorite to win it all this season and possibly for years to come — size or no size.