Jim Caldwell hired by Lions as head coach

Jim-Caldwell-LionsJim Caldwell has been hired by the Detroit Lions to be their next head coach, as first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Caldwell spent the last two seasons as offensive coordinator with the Baltimore Ravens. He took over as head coach in Indianapolis when Tony Dungy stepped down in 2009, leading the Colts to a Super Bowl appearance in his first season. The Colts went 2-14 the following year when Peyton Manning missed the entire season, and Caldwell was fired.

For a while it seemed like Ken Whisenhunt would be a good fit for the Lions, but he agreed to become the head coach of the Tennessee Titans on Monday. The Lions announced that Caldwell was their man less than 24 hours after that move.

Detroit fans may view replacing Jim Schwartz with Caldwell as somewhat of a lateral move. Given the talent the Lions have on offense, it makes sense that the team would bring in an offensive-minded coach to take over. Time will tell if Caldwell is a significant upgrade or not.

Jeff Saturday Blasts Colts Blogger for ‘Direct Misquote’ About Jim Caldwell

Before we begin, allow me to voice my opinion about Peyton Manning as the NFL MVP. After seeing what has happened with the Colts this season, the NFL should be able to go back and take the MVP award away from anyone who has won it the last decade and hand it to Manning. Peyton has been outperformed statistically during some of those seasons, but is there really any arguing he is more important to his team than any other player? With him, the Colts are an annual Super Bowl contender. Without No. 18, they are among the NFL’s worst teams.

With that rant out of the way, let’s turn our attention to the fact that the Colts hit rock bottom Week 7 with their 62-7 loss to the Saints.  Those who were watching probably felt as though they were witnessing a varsity-J.V. scrimmage.  Indy was that bad.  After the game, Jeff Saturday voiced his opinion about the debacle and basically stated the obvious: That the Colts were dominated in all facets.

Blue Stampede, an SB Nation Colts blog, chose to focus solely on the fact that Saturday said Indy was “out-coached” despite the fact that the veteran center was trashing the team as a whole.  Needless to say, Saturday did not appreciate being called out by the blogger.

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Colts Lost 62-7, but at Least Jim Caldwell says the Effort Was Good

The Indianapolis Colts suffered perhaps their most embarrassing loss in franchise history Sunday, a 62-7 defeat to the Saints. New Orleans scored on nine of their 10 possessions, including seven touchdowns and two field goals. Drew Brees went 31-35 for 325 yards and five touchdowns. He had more touchdowns than incompletions. The Saints gained 557 yards, made 36 first downs, and they held the ball for 38 minutes. It was an all around dominating performance, and you get the feeling the Saints could have put up 80 points if they wanted to.

Even though Jim Caldwell admitted that his team got whooped, the Colts coach did find one positive quality about the team’s performance.

“I think the guys fought. We didn’t execute well, but I think the effort was good,” Caldwell said after the game.

Well that should be comforting to Colts fans. Imagine if the team’s effort wasn’t good. What would the Saints have done, score 100 points?

Not only does Jim Caldwell have his team unprepared to play, but he can’t even properly diagnose what went wrong. From what I saw, the effort from the Colts was not good. The only way this could not reflect poorly on Caldwell would be if the blowout loss was all part of the master plan to beat out the Dolphins for Andrew Luck. If that’s the case, then Jim Caldwell may really be a genius.

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Released Colts CB Justin Tryon Says Jim Caldwell Didn’t Have Control Over Lineup

The Colts waived cornerback Justin Tryon Wednesday, and the defensive back opened some eyes with comments he made later that evening. The Arizona State product, who started six games for the Colts last season, suggested on Twitter that head coach Jim Caldwell wanted to start him but was unable to.

“I thank the Colts die hard fans for the love they’re showing me!” Tryon wrote. “I’M A STARTER yes.. [Jim] Caldwell wanted to start me but it wasn’t up to him!”

It’s an odd tweet because Jim Caldwell is the team’s head coach, and you figure the head coach would have the power to decide who starts and who gets benched. Many people feel that this is indicative of Caldwell’s position within the organization; they think he is more of a figurehead than an authoritative figure.

Team owner Jim Irsay wasted little time trying to set the record straight.

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Jim Caldwell Timeout Against Jets Was Not a Bad Decision

There hasn’t been much Jim Caldwell has done that has impressed me since he became head coach of the Colts before last season. In some senses he’s a victim of the same tool that has led to his success — having Peyton Manning on your team helps you win as a coach, but Manning’s prowess as an on-field coach detracts from the praise the head coach receives. Caldwell’s quiet demeanor and shy mannerisms certainly don’t help his case with the media either. Though Caldwell seems to be unremarkable as a coach, he’s been taking an unfair beating this week.

The Colts coach has been criticized for calling timeout in the final minute of Indianapolis’ loss to the Jets Saturday. The Colts had taken the lead on an Adam Vinatieri field goal but they left a minute on the clock for the Jets who got an excellent return from Antonio Cromartie on the kickoff. All it took was two straight passes to get the Jets into field goal range at the 34. They then ran LaDainian Tomlinson for two yards to the 32, converting a first down. That’s when Jim Caldwell called a timeout to stop the clock — a call that has resulted in a bevy of criticism.

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