Did John Fox Receive Permission from the Lord to Demote Tim Tebow to Third String?

John Fox is messing with fire. The Broncos coach announced Monday that Kyle Orton is officially the team’s starting quarterback. Two days earlier he had Brady Quinn play with the second team offense in a preseason game against the Bills. That’s right, Tim Tebow had been demoted to third string on the depth chart. I know half of Denver is in a near-riot panic over this news, but that’s not my concern. My real issue here is with Fox.

Does John Fox realize what he’s done? Did he even bother to consult with the Lord before making his decision on the pecking order of his gunslingers? If not, I wouldn’t be surprised if some unforeseen accident befalls him.

If there’s a thunder storm, I wouldn’t go outdoors if I were Fox. I’d keep a doctor close by in case a heart attack strikes. And by goodness, I wouldn’t even bother risking my fate by driving on the streets of Colorado. Who knows what could happen? Though if he did end up in a collision, it’s probably an Auburn fan who’s responsible.

I’m not saying you can’t make bold decisions like this, John Fox. I’m just saying watch out for you’re well being if you’re going to challenge divine order. It’s not going to be a pretty afterlife if you challenge Him.

New Denver Broncos Coach John Fox Has Been a Tim Tebow Fan Since the Draft

New Broncos football operations director John Elway announced Thursday afternoon that John Fox would be the team’s new head coach, replacing Josh McDaniels and Eric Studesville. Though I joked about the hiring on twitter (follow LBSports for news and analysis), I think it was a good decision by Denver. Aside from this year’s 2-14 disaster, the Panthers were always competitive under Fox and generally had a strong defense. He led Carolina to three 11 or more win seasons (all three resulted in playoff berths), and one Super Bowl. He’s a good, reliable coach, and he should make the Broncos more competitive.

But as we knew from John Elway’s introductory press conference last week, the new Broncos coach had to be a believer in Tim Tebow. That sentiment holds true with Fox. If you can recall Florida’s Pro Day in March, Fox was in attendance and had praise for Tebow’s ability and work ethic. Speaking about Tim, Fox said “He had a very, very good workout. He doesn’t lack in the work ethic department, so whatever needs to be done, he’ll do. I definitely saw some adjustment and I thought he executed very well.”

At a media event a few weeks later, Fox had even more praise for Tebow.

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