Kyle Lowry reportedly agrees to re-sign with Raptors on 4-year deal

Kyle-Lowry-RaptorsKyle Lowry was one of the most sought-after players on the free agent market, but the point guard is not going anywhere.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, Lowry has agreed to a 4-year, $48 million deal to remain with the Toronto Raptors.

The Miami Heat were said to be targeting Lowry, but that didn’t happen. The Rockets were also attempting to bring back their former point guard, but Toronto wasn’t interested in their offer for a sign-and-trade deal.

Lowry had an excellent season with Toronto and helped lead them to the playoffs. With that team emerging and him being a key player, remaining in Toronto was probably the right move for him.

Kyle Lowry considering Raptors, Rockets, Lakers

Kyle-Lowry-RaptorsFree agent point guard Kyle Lowry is generating plenty of interest from NBA teams on the open market, and it sounds like he is going to leave the Toronto Raptors hanging for a bit before making a decision. According to ESPN.com’s Brian Windhorst, Lowry is considering offers from the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers in addition to the possibility of returning to Toronto.

Lowry, who is already known for being a solid defender, took a big step forward last season offensively. He averaged a career-high 17.9 points and 7.4 assists per game while running the Raptors offense.

Like a few other teams, the Rockets have made Carmelo Anthony their top target this offseason. They would likely need to shed some contracts like Jeremy Lin’s $8.4 million if they want to have a shot at bringing in both Anthony and Lowry.

A team like the Lakers always holds some intrigue, but they are essentially a rebuilding project at this point. Lowry turned 28 in March and has had some injury issues throughout his career, so I’m not sure he would be interested in that type of situation. The Miami Heat, who are looking for point guard help, could also jump into the mix.

Paul Pierce blocks Kyle Lowry shot to seal series win (Video)

The Brooklyn Nets nearly blew Game 7 of their opening round playoff series with the Toronto Raptors, but thanks to a defensive stop on the final possession, they will be advancing in the postseason.

The Nets were up 100-93 with 2:03 left, and they were up 101-95 in the final minute, but they blew that and allowed Toronto to make it a 1-point game. After a layup and steal by Terrence Ross, they had a chance to take the lead with six seconds left. They gave the ball to Kyle Lowry, but he was off-balanced much of the time and even triple-teamed. By the time he went up, he was met by Paul Pierce who was waiting under the basket and blocked the shot.

It looked like Pierce got all ball on the block. What did you think?

Paul Pierce block Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry called for possibly worst offensive foul of season (Video)

Kyle Lowry and the Toronto Raptors were the victims of possibly the worst foul call of the season.

Down to the Sacramento Kings by six in the final 30 seconds of Wednesday night’s game, Lowry took a pass and made a 3-pointer that should have made it a one-possession game. Had a foul been called on Ben McLemore, Lowry would have had a shot at a 4-point play. Instead, he was called for a technical foul of all things.

Rudy Gay missed the technical free throw, but that call was enough to ensure the Kings would win the game. They took home a 109-101 victory, and that will no doubt go down as one of the worst foul calls of the season.

Look at this and tell me how you can possibly argue that Lowry was moving forward on the shot to draw a foul:

Kyle Lowry Ben McLemore foul

And look at McLemore going into him. Pure b.s.

Tip via Arsen D.; video via GIFD Sports

Rockets Take Out Newspaper Ad to Persuade Scola, Lowry to Re-Sign

Sincere or desperate? You make the call:

That picture is straight from the twitter account of Rockets GM Daryl Morey. Apparently that ad ran on Thursday July 1st in the Houston Chronicle — the first day of free agency. This seems to be a mixed message because rumors were flying that the Rockets are prepared to offer the Raptors Scola, Shane Battier, and Trevor Ariza for Chris Bosh in a sign and trade deal. I wouldn’t mind giving away Ariza’s contract but I’m sure the Rockets wouldn’t be wild about trading Scola as the ad indicates. I’m always a little worried about people going overboard with their pursuit of players in this might fit that bill. Or maybe Morey knows the personalities of Scola and Lowry and understands that they want to feel the love from the fans. I just think it’s a wee bit cheesy.

Daryl Morey on Twitter