Of All Things, Was it Marshawn Lynch’s Juke That Caused Ray Lewis’ Toe Injury?

Of all possible ways for Ray Lewis, one of the most ferocious linebackers in NFL history, to get injured, it may have been a juke from Marshawn Lynch that brought him down.

Lynch is one of the slowest, least impressive running backs in the NFL. He has very few moves, and he is the king of the three-yard run. Known more for his power than his ability to move, it was a shock to see him absolutely fake out Ray Lewis on a pass catch late in the game.

The play happened in the final few minutes of the game, and it was on an eight-yard reception from Tarvaris Jackson. Lewis was completely faked out by Lynch’s move to the inside, and his ankle collapsed. Lynch may have literally broken Ray Lewis’ toe on the play.

Lewis, who has not missed a game since the 2007 season, is out for Sunday’s game and reportedly could miss up to a month. All because of Marshawn Lynch’s smooth moves. Who could have ever guessed it?

Thanks to my man Sam at Play Action Picks for the tip on the video.

Denarius Moore, Larry Fitzgerald, Marshawn Lynch Were Your Unsung Heroes of Week 10

For the second straight week, LBS is fortunate enough to be sponsored by Chevy. Dropping by LBS and seeing the Chevy logo makes Del even prouder to step into his prized Silverado SS, so this week has been another week of even more enjoyment while cruising around. Another week of a Chevy sponsorship means another week of picking out the unsung heroes from this week’s NFL action. There were plenty of performances with the potential to be overlooked, so we picked out the ones that we thought were the best. Allow us to present Denarius Moore, Larry Fitzgerald, and Marshawn Lynch as our unsung heroes of Week 10.

Being that it was Week 10, the first Thursday night football game was played with the Raiders visiting the Chargers. In a game where nobody gave Oakland a shot to upset the explosive San Diego offense, Carson Palmer and company came up with some fireworks of their own. Palmer, who had thrown six interceptions in two games prior to Thursday, was able to establish fantastic chemistry with his receiving group early and often. He can thank Denarius Moore for most of that.

The rookie from Tennessee hauled in five catches for a whopping 123 yards and two of the Raiders’ three touchdowns. Moore looked impossible to cover at times, including when he burned the secondary for scores of 26 and 33 yards. Michael Bush was a more than admirable fill-in (242 total yards and a touchdown) for the injured Darren McFadden, but it was Moore who gave an already efficient running team the boost they needed in the passing game.

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Marshawn Lynch Touchdown Run Video, Goes Beast Mode on Saints

In one play, Marshawn Lynch justified Seattle’s mid-season trade with Buffalo. The former Cal running back went beast mode at the best possible time, late in the game when the Saints were coming on and looking to defeat the Seahawks. Check out the Marshawn Lynch touchdown run against the Saints that will go down as one of the best playoff runs all-time:

By my count, Lynch broke nine tackles on that run, and there were five times I thought for sure he’d be tackled. Never happened. I guess the play signified that Seattle was destined to win that game. The only good news about a 7-9 team winning a home game in the playoffs is that the NFL may finally change the bad rule. What a freaking play.

Which Team is the Best Suitor for Marshawn Lynch?

Sorry, people.  Trick question.  The answer: no team.  The reason: an absurd asking price.  The Packers are reportedly interested in dealing for Marshawn Lynch as many of us expected after hearing they’d lost Ryan Grant for the season.  However, the Buffalo Bills apparently think the value of their backup running back is much higher than other teams are willing to accept.

According to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, an unnamed team offered the Bills a player and a third-round pick for Lynch before the draft.  Buffalo rejected the offer and then proceeded to draft C.J. Spiller with the ninth overall pick.  If they expected to have a chance to grab Spiller, I have no idea why they would turn down a third-rounder.  Afterall, is Lynch even a good fit for the Bills anymore?

Marshawn has two years left on his rookie deal, which on paper raises his value.  As we all know, things that are on paper rarely represent a significant piece of the puzzle.  Lynch has had off-the-field and on-the-field problems while in Buffalo.  He clearly wants to be a feature back and the Bills clearly don’t want him to be theirs, as evidenced by them taking a running back in the top-10 of the draft.

There’s a decent chance the 24-year-old could resurrect his career with a new team like Green Bay.  Between injuries and suspensions, his body has limited wear on it after playing only two seasons.  If the Bills are offered a third-rounder or even a fourth, they have no reason to turn it down.  Why delay the inevitable?

Packers should turn to opponent for help [Yahoo! Sports]