Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig got into argument in dugout (Video)

Yasiel-Puig-Matt-Kemp-arguingYasiel Puig and Matt Kemp appeared to get into a heated exchange during the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 11-3 win over the Colorado Rockies on Monday night, but no one on the team has been willing to say why. The altercation took place during the sixth inning. Manager Don Mattingly was later seen speaking to Puig through Puig’s interpreter.

As you might expect, Mattingly kept the details of the incident in-house.

“Oh, just talking in the dugout, same old things,” he told reporters sarcastically, via Mark Saxon of ESPNLosAngeles.com. “We’re like the [Oakland] A’s, the ’72 A’s.”

The A’s won three consecutive championships in the 1970s but were notorious for getting into fights with their own teammates. Reggie Jackson and Billy North even had an full-blown brawl in 1974.

Kemp was equally vague, basically ignoring any questions about his exchange with Puig.

“A good game we played today, huh? Good game,” he said. “Go Dodgers!”

Kemp had struck out and Puig had walked during the sixth inning. The Dodgers ended up scoring eight runs in the frame, but Saxon speculated that Kemp may have been upset with Puig when the youngster didn’t take third base on Adrian Gonzalez’s single before Kemp came to the plate.

Mattingly was reportedly upset with Puig in spring training over his baserunning blunders, so that wouldn’t be a surprise. We all know how much of a scatter brain he can be.

Matt Kemp signs on as model for Gap outlets

Matt KempMatt Kemp is currently playing under a $160 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but baseball is not his only occupation. Kemp has also done some modeling (remember that magazine shoot where he showed all that skin?). In fact, Gap Inc. recently announced that Kemp has become the first male celebrity for the company’s biggest ever outlet stores marketing campaign.

“This is pretty big,” Kemp told Women’s Wear Daily when asked about his new gig. “Everybody used to say that baseball players can’t dress and athletes can’t dress. You know, a lot of athletes now are trying to prove everybody wrong, though there are some athletes that try too hard and try to do over-the-top things. But me, I try to be simple and just make whatever I’m wearing look good.”

Athletes trying to do over-the-top things to make a fashion statement? Come on, where have we ever seen that? Guys like Dwyane Wade have the whole keeping it simple thing down pat, right?

Kemp showed up to his first fashion shoot with 17 pairs of shoes, three watches that included a gold Rolex, 11 belts and five pairs of glasses. Most people who shop at the Gap probably don’t have that kind of wardrobe, but none of that matters when your product is endorsed by a superstar athlete.

Kemp, who said he loves dressing up and will wear a suit any chance he gets, was asked by WWD’s Khanh T.L. Tran if he gives fashion advice to his Dodgers teammates.

“They can’t make it look as good as me,” he joked. “No, we play around with styles in the locker room. It’s fun for us. Everybody’s different. Everybody has their own personality. Everybody has their own brands, favorite brands, favorite colors.”

Yasiel Puig is one of Kemp’s teammates, so we know he’s not lying about the personality thing. And now that he has signed on to be the face of the Gap, I’m sure he’ll be the center of plenty of jokes in the locker room.

Matt Kemp changes at-bat music to Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’

Matt KempMatt Kemp changed his at-bat music to Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” Sunday as a response to being mentioned in association with the Donald Sterling saga.

An extended version of the Donald Sterling audio recording was published by Deadspin on Sunday, and that’s when we learned that a photo of Sterling’s girlfriend V. Stiviano with Kemp came up in the same conversation that involved Magic Johnson.

Sterling apparently wanted Stiviano to remove photos from her Instagram account of her with black people. The photo that caused the problem was one of her with Magic, but in the extended clip, we learn that she also removed a picture of her with Kemp.

Kemp was asked by the media prior to Sunday’s Dodgers-Rockies game about his name coming up as part of the story.

“I was shocked,” Kemp said via ESPN LA. “I was really shocked. I haven’t been to a basketball game since maybe last year, and I did take my mom. I met the young lady, I’ve known her through mutual people. We all sat in the same [area].

“I remember taking the picture, but I didn’t think it would ever come to this. This is crazy.”

Kemp is friends with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and said he feels badly they have to play for Sterling.

“Racism is kinda old. For real,” said Kemp. “Honestly, I just feel sorry for him that he feels that way about African-American people.

“There’s just no room for racism in any of our games. This is bigger than the game. I’m just shocked that people still feel that way toward Latins, blacks, white people. We are all the same. We all bleed the same.”

As Kemp was discussing the matter with reporters, a teammate put on the Michael Jackson song. Kemp decided to use it for his at-bat music during the game.

Yasiel Puig benched after arriving late to ballpark

Yasiel PuigYasiel Puig was a late scratch from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ lineup on Friday after he arrived late to the ballpark, according to various beat writers. He was replaced by Matt Kemp after reportedly showing up at about 10:15 a.m. while batting practice was already underway.

As of now, it is being reported that Puig was benched for his late arrival. Had the coaching staff known he was going to be tardy, you would think he would have been kept in the lineup. Apparently Puig thought he was supposed to be there at 10:00.

If this was any other player on the Dodgers, it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, Puig also showed up late for a game last year. The team joked about his tardiness on social media after that incident, but it would appear that Don Mattingly was not amused on Friday.

Unless Puig has a very valid excuse for why he was late, he’s going to give the media in LA even more reason to be all over him. He supposedly called a meeting with his coaches and teammates last week to ask how he can improve off the field. I doubt anyone advised him to take his time getting to the ballpark.

Khloe Kardashian reportedly breaks up with Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp Khloe Kardashian

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp is obviously friends with Khloe Kardashian. There has been some debate about whether the two are dating. Various gossip publications seemed to agree that they were, but US Weekly recently reported that Kemp and Kardashian have already split.

“Khloe told Matt it would look bad for her divorce to be dating so soon,” a source reportedly told US Weekly, via the Daily Mail. “So they have to put on the brakes until it’s finalized.”

Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom last month. While TMZ claims the two have a prenuptial agreement that should make the split simple, these things can still take months to finalize. A source added that Khloe’s lawyer advised her to end her relationship with Kemp and she obliged because “she wants it to remain clear that Lamar was the cheater.”

“Khloe is figuring things out with Matt,” a friend of Kardashian’s reportedly said. “She thinks he’s great.”

Depending on who you believe, Kemp could have been anyone from a professional baseball player turned rebound guy to just a friend of the Kardashians who attended their Christmas party. I’m sure the story will change in a week or so.

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Matt Kemp joining Khloe Kardashian at Kardashian Christmas party

Matt Kemp Khloe Kardashian

Matt Kemp and Khloe Kardashian can deny deny deny that they’re in a relationship all they want, but who’s really buying it?

Radar Online says the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder will spend Christmas Eve at the Kardashian Kompound in the Hidden Hills/Calabasas area of LA at the family’s big Christmas party. Around 200 guests are expected to attend, so Kemp will be one of the many, but there’s little doubt that he’s a VIP guest.

So far, sources have denied that Kardashian and Kemp are dating and instead say the two are just friends. But what would you expect them to say? It would be a bad look for Khloe divorce proceedings — and in general — for her to have already moved on to another guy when she just filed for divorce.

They can say they’re “just friends,” but does Kemp look to you like a guy who would allow himself to get stuck in the “friends zone”? Not a chance.

Khloe Kardashian reportedly ‘heartbroken’ over Lamar Odom, not dating Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian recently filed for divorce from Lamar Odom, and there are already reports that she is rebounding quickly. Over the weekend, a gossip outlet claimed that Khloe is secretly dating Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. The speculation grew even greater when Kemp posted a photo of the Kardashians’ family Christmas tree on his Instagram account.

Kemp and Kardashian have reportedly been hanging out and attending concerts together for at least the past month, but People Magazine insists they are nothing more than friends.

“They are just friends and have been for a long time,” a source reportedly told People. “Khloé is absolutely heartbroken right now [over Lamar] and dating someone is the last thing she’s thinking about.”

Another person close to the Kardashians confirmed that Kemp and Khloe are just friends, but would not rule out a romantic relationship in the future.

“It could be heading [romantic] in the future, but Khloé wasn’t spending time with him when she was still with Lamar,” the source reportedly said. “She absolutely wasn’t. People need to remember that she and Lamar haven’t lived together since June.”

We know better than to believe anything anyone says about the Kardashians by now — including the Kardashians. It’s possible Kemp and Khloe are just friends and were trying to hide so people like us wouldn’t talk about it. Then again, if they weren’t shy about showing their faces in public together people would be more inclined to believe that they have nothing to hide. No one would be surprised if they confirmed they are dating in the near future.