Rip Hamilton and Nate Robinson trade funny insulting pictures

Rip Hamilton and Nate Robinson have plenty of time on their hands now that neither one is playing, so the two spent some time Sunday trading funny yet offensive and insulting pictures of each other over Instagram.

It all started when Robinson, who is recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL, posted this photo of his ex-teammate looking like ET:

Rip Hamilton ET

“I miss my big bro @ripcity3232 I wonder what he is doing on this beautiful Sunday ? Get at me rip city lol & #holdat lol classic pix” was his caption.

Rip responded with a picture of him putting Robinson in a headlock, but that was just mild. After that one is when things really got insulting.

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Nate Robinson signed a baby during a Summer League game


Chicago Bulls point guard Nate Robinson received the ultimate honor earlier this week during a Summer League game. He was asked to autograph a baby.

The parent of the child must have been a huge Robinson fan, because it’s not every day you see someone holding up their infant and letting a professional athlete sign him. We have seen MLB players and college hoops stars sign baby bumps, but the straight up baby autograph is much more rare. Robinson should be flattered.

Photo: Twitter/NBA Summer League
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Did LeBron James flop on hit to face from Nate Robinson? (Video)

LeBron James’ tendency to act on the court during situations of contact was heavily debated over the past week.

James was shoved by Bulls backup center Nazr Mohammed during Game 3 of the Miami Heat-Chicago series and seemed to sell how forcefully he was pushed. Nate Robinson and Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said they felt James flopped on the play. After being scrutinized, James responded by telling everyone, “I don’t flop.”

Well James’ acting was in question again in Game 5.

James was bringing the ball up court in the fourth quarter of Game 5 with around seven minutes left and the Bulls up 81-80. Robinson went straight for James and hit him in the face. Both of them fell down. Analyst Steve Kerr thought it was pretty bad, saying “that was close to a flagrant on Nate Robinson.” Replays seemed to show James snap his head back to exaggerate how badly he was hit:

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Nate Robinson had 10 stitches on busted lip after collision with LeBron James

Nate Robinson lip

Nate Robinson was a beast in the Chicago Bulls’ stunning 93-86 win over the Miami Heat in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinals playoff series on Monday night. Robinson had 27 points and nine assists in 40 minutes of action. His 24-point second-half performance was even more impressive considering the situation; he was playing with a fat lip after getting into a collision with LeBron James late in the second quarter.

Robinson and James dived for a loose ball with around 4:20 left in the first half. James rolled on top of Robinson, accidentally pushing the Bulls guard’s face into the ground. Robinson was bleeding from his mouth and left the game to get 10 stitches. He did not return for the rest of the half.

Robinson returned to play the entire second half and scored the team’s final seven points during the comeback win.

Below is video of the play where Robinson and James collided:

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Nate Robinson throws up in trash can, battles flu during Game 6 (Video)

Nate-Robinson-pukingThe Chicago Bulls cannot afford to lose another guard while Derrick Rose continues to watch games from the bench. Nate Robinson, who is clearly well aware of that, fought through flu-like symptoms during a Game 6 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night. He was seen throwing up into a trash can on the Bulls bench during a timeout.

“There was a couple times I had to throw up during the game,” Robinson said after the game, via ESPNChicago.com. “But I didn’t know if they were going to call a foul on me if I threw up on Deron Williams and played through it. But I don’t know; we got to check the rulebook on that one.”

In fact, the core of the Bulls roster seems to have been rocked by some sort of bug. Taj Gibon also battled through an illness during Game 6 and was barely a factor because of it. Luol Deng did not play after undergoing a spinal tap to test for viral meningitis, which fortunately came back negative.

Not to take away from what the Nets were able to do to tie up the series and force a Game 7, but it’s amazing that the Bulls even had a chance to win at the end given the condition of some of their players. Robinson somehow played 42 minutes and scored 18 points, but it was not enough as Chicago lost 95-92. Hopefully he didn’t injure himself further just by puking. Believe it or not, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Video via US 99.5

Nate Robinson drops Discount Double Check on Steve Novak (GIF)


If you thought the friendly beef between Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson and New York Knicks forward Steve Novak is over, you’re wrong. As you may know, Robinson and Novak have been going back and forth with trash talk — or flirting — throughout much of the season. Robinson kept it going on Thursday night when he dropped the Discount Double Check on Novak once again during the Knicks’ win over the Bulls.

For those of you are are keeping score, Robinson clearly won this battle. He dropped 35 points on New York and shot 5-for-11 from beyond the arc. Novak did not score in the game and missed the only three-pointer he attempted. Simply put, Novak had no reason to even consider doing the title belt celebration that he adopted last season.

Robinson has gotten better for Chicago as the season progresses. He is averaging 20.5 points per game in the month of April after averaging 16.1 in March — both significantly higher than his season average of 13.2. Earlier this year when he mocked Novak’s Discount Double Check celebration, Novak responded by calling Robinson “Little Nathan.” Shortly after that, Robinson gave Novak a shout-out on NBA TV. Given the way the stat lines turned out on Thursday, it would probably be best for Novak to just let this one slide.

Rip Hamilton, Nate Robinson mock each other with hilarious Photoshop pictures

Nate Robinson mini car

Rip Hamilton and Nate Robinson have been in a social media war with one another the entire season, and I’m pretty sure Rip just won.

Rip sent the following tweet Tuesday and included the photo you see above:

That’s easily one of the best uses of photoshop that we have seen in a while. Of course, the hilarious photo did not come out of nowhere. It was likely prompted by Robinson poking fun at Hamilton earlier in the day by sending this picture:

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