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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Patriots would have had 10 minutes to deflate footballs before kickoff?

As we learn more about Deflategate, it has become clear that the New England Patriots would have to have an extremely polished system in place to intentionally deflate footballs after an NFL official has approved them for play. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe has spoken to a source with direct knowledge of the Deflategate…Read More

NFL tells us what we already know with Deflategate statement

The NFL on Friday released its first official statement regarding Deflategate, and it provided few additional details other than what we have already learned. The investigation remains ongoing, though the league has determined that the New England Patriots used under-inflated footballs during the first half of the AFC Championship Game. The balls that were used…Read More

Patriots used Colts’ footballs in first half

The New England Patriots apparently used properly inflated footballs for more than just the second half of the AFC Championship Game. Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, who is said to have made the interception that sparked suspicions that the Patriots were using under-inflated balls, told NFL Media’s Jeff Darlington on Thursday that he noticed New…Read More

Did the NFL run a sting operation on the Patriots?

The NFL cannot afford to screw up Deflategate, which is why the investigation has been ongoing for days and the league has yet to reveal any of its findings. But one thing has become clear — either Bill Belichick is lying and many of the reports we have heard are false, or the NFL basically…Read More

Patriots likely cheated beyond reasonable amount by deflating footballs

“If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.” That is an adage that has been associated with sports as long as I can remember. Whether it’s corking a bat, using illegal hand wraps on boxing gloves, tweaking a body style in car racing, or using a curved blade in hockey, cheating and controversies have been as…Read More

Patriots reportedly used backup footballs in second half

The New England Patriots reportedly used “backup footballs” in the second half of their AFC Championship Game win over the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday. While an earlier report from ESPN Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City indicated that the Patriots’ game balls were reinflated at halftime and put back into circulation for the second half,…Read More

Report: Patriots’ footballs were reinflated at halftime

The under-inflated footballs that the New England Patriots allegedly used during their win over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game were reportedly reinflated to the proper NFL standards at halftime. ESPN Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City reported Wednesday that officials put more air in New England’s game balls at halftime after it…Read More

Colts concerned about deflated balls during November game vs. Patriots?

If the Indianapolis Colts believed the New England Patriots were using balls in the AFC Championship Game that were inflated below the legal limit, they may not have been surprised. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Colts had seen that act before. Schefter reported Wednesday that the Colts had concerns about balls being under-inflated when…Read More

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