Mark Davis willing to consider signing Richie Incognito

Richie IncognitoA Richie Incognito to the Oakland Raiders move is not exactly imminent, but Mark Davis says he would consider the possibility.

In comments published last week by NFL.com’s Mike Silver, Incognito expressed interest in playing for the Raiders. He cited his familiarity with some of the team’s coaches and said the team would fit his personality well.

Seemingly in response to Incognito’s interest in the team, Davis was asked whether he would have interest in signing the former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman. Though Davis deflected that question by saying that was something for team GM Reggie McKenzie to answer, ESPN’s Jeff Legwold reports Davis did say “I’d have to think about that,” when asked what he’d say if McKenzie approached him wanting to sign Incognito.

Like I said, it’s not like the Raiders are running out to sign Incognito, but this shows they’re at least open to the possibility.

Incognito may be crazy and trying to clean up his image following the bullying allegations involving Jonathan Martin, but his NFL career is not over. We have a strong feeling that he’ll be playing next season.

Richie Incognito sends late night emo tweets to Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin Richie Incognito

Richie Incognito just cannot quit Jonathan Martin.

Late on Sunday night/early Monday morning, Incognito sent a couple of tweets to his former Miami Dolphins teammate:

Richie Incognito tweets

Yes, that’s Incognito asking Martin to call him and saying that he loves him.

You know that both men described their relationship as bipolar, right? I think those tweets serve as a perfect example of that description. Does it get more bipolar than Incognito showing Martin his softer side?

Martin accused Incognito of bullying him. Maybe he just misses his brother and is trying to lure him back in before tormenting him some more.

Richie Incognito: Returning to Dolphins is my No. 1 goal

Richie IncognitoIt has been widely assumed that Richie Incognito’s career with the Miami Dolphins is over in the wake of the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal, but the veteran offensive lineman has not given up hope. On Wednesday, Incognito said returning to the Dolphins is his top priority.

“Returning to the Dolphins was my number one goal from the time I got suspended,” he said during an interview with WSVN in Miami, via ESPN.com. “I want to return to the community in Miami and resume my playing career as soon as possible.”

He then went third person.

“Dolphins fans, Richie is well,” Incognito said. “Richie wants to come back and play. But the business has to handle the business end, and that’s it.”

The chances of that happening are incredibly slim. The NFL community has shown a tendency to forgive with players like Michael Vick and Ray Lewis. Incognito’s NFL career may not be over, but it is highly unlikely the Dolphins would have him back.

After the Ted Wells report blew the doors off the Dolphins’ locker room and exposed Incognito and several other players for alleged workplace harassment, Incognito supposedly went HAM on his own car and smashed it with a baseball bat. He voluntarily checked into a psychiatric rehab facility shortly thereafter, and now he’s looking to get his career back on track.

The Dolphins have already traded Jonathan Martin and fired offensive line coach Jim Turner and head athletic trainer Kevin O’Neill. Allowing Incognito to return would be horrible PR.

Richie Incognito reportedly kept on involuntary psychiatric hold

Richie Incognito DolphinsThough earlier reports said Richie Incognito had checked himself into rehab because of all the stress he’s been going through, it now looks like the former Miami Dolphins lineman is being kept on involuntary psychiatric hold.

According to TMZ, Incognito has been struggling recently with all the stress from the bullying case and his parents’ divorce. He and a friend talked Thursday about getting him some help, and he reportedly wrestled with the idea of getting psychiatric help. He and a friend reportedly agreed Thursday night that he should get help, so they called police to ask for a ride to a facility because they decided they were too drunk to drive.

At this point it sounds like he was checking in voluntarily, but the report says Incognito freaked out at some point while he was there and wanted to leave. That’s when it changed from Incognito being held involuntarily.

Involuntary commitments usually last 72 hours.

Report: Richie Incognito enters rehab facility

Richie IncognitoRichie Incognito has reportedly checked into a rehab facility in Arizona. According to NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington, Incognito agreed to accept professional help after what has been a stressful few weeks for him and those close to him.

Incognito has decided to check himself into a psychiatric care unit roughly 24 hours after telling police he took a baseball bat to his own car in a fit of rage. While that story still seems unlikely given the original report we heard about his car being vandalized, it would make more sense now that he has decided to accept professional help.

A reporter from FOX 10 in Phoenix asked Incognito what happened to the car on Thursday.

“Oh that was that was just me venting, that was self expression, that’s a piece of art,” he said. “The happiest day of my life was when I got that car and now the second happiest day will be when I donate it to charity.”

Given some of the stories we have heard about Incognito and some of the videos we have seen of him acting like a maniac, you have to wonder if he could have benefited from therapy a long time ago. Better late than never, I suppose.

Report: Richie Incognito told police he smashed his own car with bat

Richie Incognito Ferrari

Richie Incognito’s black Ferrari was vandalized with a baseball bat on Wednesday night. TMZ shared some photos of what they said was Incognito’s car with a piece of the bat hanging from the grill and red shirts hanging from the car that supposedly had Incognito’s name on them. According to the Scottsdale Police Department, Incognito says he trashed the car himself.

In a follow-up, TMZ reported that Incognito spoke with police on Thursday morning and told them he vandalized the car in a fit of rage. It is unclear what set him off or if he is telling the truth.

“(The neighbors) provided us with a photo of a damaged car and reported it to belong to Mr. Incognito, and they gave us an address,” Scottsdale Police Sergeant Mark Clark said, via USA Today Sports. “We went out there and checked to see if there was a damaged car there. There was no car and no one answered the door.

“We went out there again this morning and we were able to contact Mr. Incognito and he reported that he damaged his own car and didn’t need any police help or report.”

We have seen videos of Incognito dropping the N-bomb in a shirtless fit of rage, so we know he has a tendency to get pretty wound up. That said, something doesn’t add up. What was up with the shirts that supposedly had Incognito’s name written on them? Did he write his name on a couple of shirts and toss them on his car before going HAM on it? Unless he really is that much of an irrational spaz, a piece of the story is missing.

(photo via Twitter/hma400 is of Incognito’s Ferrari but not one of the post-smash photos)

Richie Incognito’s Ferrari smashed by baseball bat

Richie Incognito Ferrari

Now it’s time for Richie Incognito to get a little sympathy on his side.

TMZ shared some photos Wednesday of what they say is Incognito’s Ferrari smashed by a baseball bat. They say a broken bat was found by the car (as is shown in the picture below) and that a piece of the bat is stuck in the grill. There were also red shirts hanging from the car that supposedly had Incognito’s name written on them.

The Ferrari looks like the same one the former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman had delivered to his home in November during the Jonathan Martin scandal. This event occurred in Arizona.

UPDATE: Incognito reportedly told police that he smashed his own car with a bat in a fit of rage.

I don’t care how much you can’t stand someone or their views, there really is no justification for screwing with someone’s car. That is royally messed up. Tell ‘em, Jules.

(photo at top via Twitter/hma400 is of Incognito’s Ferrari but not one of the post-smash photos)