Steven Jackson trucks Redskins defender on TD run (GIF)

Steven-Jackson-trucks-defenderAtlanta Falcons running back Steven Jackson may be getting toward the end of his career, but he proved on Sunday that he still has some explosiveness left in his legs. Jackson got the Falcons off to a nice start by absolutely destroying a Washington Redskins defender on his way to a 2-yard touchdown.

As you can see, Redskins defensive back Josh Wilson tried to get low to make the play. Jackson got even lower and made Wilson look like a young boy trying to tackle a grown-ass man.

That was impressive to say the least, but we still have to give this UCF running back the award for Truck Stick of the Year.

GIF via Jimmy Traina

Steven Jackson reportedly likely to sign with Packers

Steven Jackson is one of the top free agent running backs available, and reports say he is “likely” to sign with the Green Bay Packers.

Pro Football Talk reported on Twitter Tuesday that the Packers were the “leaders” to sign Jackson. Packers Report later reported that Jackson is “likely” to sign with Green Bay.

Jackson was a first-round draft pick of the Rams in 2004 and has played his entire career in St. Louis. He has never experienced a winning season as a pro (the Rams finished 8-8 twice since he’s been with them). He voided the final year of his contract with the Rams to become a free agent after reportedly being dissatisfied with his role on the team.

Jackson was initially considered to be a favorite to sign with the Atlanta Falcons, who released running back Michael Turner earlier this month. The Pittsburgh Steelers have also been mentioned as a potential landing spot for Jackson, but Green Bay could make the most sense.

The Packers had a poor running game last season after Cedric Benson got hurt and need an upgrade. Jackson would provide that, but the question is whether the Packers are willing to outbid Jackson’s other potential suitors.

Though Jackson will be 30 by the time the season begins, we still think he can play well for at least the upcoming season.

Steven Jackson sits with groin injury

Steven Jackson appeared to be benched by Rams coach Jeff Fisher after incurring an unsportsmanlike penalty during the second quarter of St. Louis’ game against Washington, but we learned after the game that Jackson sat because of a groin injury.

Jackson was stopped for no gain at the 1 on a third-and-1 play in the second quarter and thought he got in. He spiked the ball in disgust, and was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. The penalty brought the Rams back to the 16 and took away their option to go for the touchdown. They settled for a field goal to make the score 14-6.

Replays appeared to show that Jackson got the ball across the goal line, so he definitely had a reason to be upset with the referees:

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Steven Jackson is headed to Brazil and needs some condoms

Rams running back Steven Jackson has been tweeting about heading to South America this week, and it looks like he’s planning on giving some of the ladies in the country a taste of the USA.

As Peter Burns pointed out, Jackson sent the following tweet Tuesday night about needing condoms:

Burns figures Jackson was trying to send a text message or direct message and sent the tweet by accident. We agree. It didn’t take long for Jackson to delete the tweet, but thanks to Peter, it’s hitting the internet.

Action Jackson may be embarrassed, but we’re proud he’s at least practicing safe sex unlike some other notable football players.

Thanks to John Hashem for grabbing the tweet

Steven Jackson Blames Offensive Line Shuffling for Rams Struggles

When you play for a team that is a whopping 2-11 on the season, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong. A record that poor is the result of many issues, not just one or two. For that reason, it does a player no good to start rattling off excuses for poor play. Steven Jackson decided to go down that road anyway after the Rams lost to the Seahawks, pointing to inconsistency on the offensive line as a main reason for St. Louis’ struggles.

“It’s hard to win in this league when you’re constantly shuffling the offensive line,” Jackson said according to the Washington Post. “You don’t have any chemistry there. When you’re shuffling a lineup, trying to get guys to do things and when you have to go back to Week 1 stuff, coaching that up, it stalls you from trying to move forward.”

Jackson is understandably frustrated with the way things have gone this season in St. Louis, but playing the blame game is never the best idea.  Everything has been an issue for the Rams offense.  Sam Bradford has been a major disappointment and the injury to Danny Amendola at the beginning of the season hasn’t helped.  As for the offensive line, teams with horrible records usually have a weak O-line among other problems.  Basically what we see here is an attempt to rationalize another season that has gone terribly wrong.  Sometimes that’s just impossible to do.

Helmet bash to Pro Football Talk for passing the quote along.

Cadillac Williams, Mike Sims-Walker Get Fantasy Boost Following Rams Injuries

Unfortunate injuries to some St. Louis Rams starters on Sunday may cause our first significant fantasy shakeup of 2011. We know it’s an enormous shocker, but Steven Jackson has already suffered a leg injury. Jackson was removed from the Rams game against the Eagles early on Sunday with what is being called a quad strain.

Cadillac Williams got the bulk of the work after Jackson went down and should instantly become a must-grab in most if not all fantasy formats.  Williams racked up over 100 total yards of offense including six catches for 49 yards.  There is no telling if Jackson’s injury will cause him to miss any time, but he has had many a nagging injury in the past and a strained quad could certainly turn into one.  He’s only owned in 7 percent of Yahoo! leagues which is shocking considering Jackson’s injury history.

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Steven Jackson’s Dreadlocks Were on ‘Maternity Leave’

Fans watching the Rams-Chiefs preseason game last Friday may have noticed something different about Steven Jackson. The St. Louis running back was missing his trademark dreadlocks hanging out the back of his helmet. The story behind the missing dreads is actually pretty funny.

“The person that helps maintain my hair, she just had a baby,” Jackson told reporters Tuesday. “So I needed to tie it down to buy her some time to get back.

“This is just temporary,” he said, adding with a laugh, “Now we have a lot pressure on her to get back.”

Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about the non-dread look. We’ve all gotten so used to the dreads it would be difficult to see a change. But if Jackson’s hair dresser doesn’t return to work in a timely fashion, may I suggest the Tiquan Underwood ‘do?