Report: Terrelle Pryor has had ‘breakthrough of sorts’ with Seahawks

Terrelle Pryor RaidersThe Seattle Seahawks sent a seventh-round draft pick to the Oakland Raiders for Terrelle Pryor a couple of months ago, and the investment initially looked like a lousy one. Last week, ESPN.com’s Terry Blount wrote that Pryor has “not looked good” during workouts and was missing a lot of throws.

Is the former Ohio State star coming around?

During an interview with ESPN Radio on Tuesday, Danny O’Neill of the Seattle Times said the Seahawks have been very impressed with what they have seen from Pryor.

“I would cool the jets on the whole Terrelle Pryor is struggling,” O’Neill said. “I have not thought he looks particularly good. However, that’s a pretty layman’s observation from just a few workouts. Talking to someone who’d know yesterday, I heard the Seahawks believe he’s made as much progress as anyone over the past month. In fact, they feel there’s been a breakthrough of sorts for him.”

That’s a pretty strong endorsement. Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was also complimentary of Pryor when speaking to reporters earlier this week.

“He’s working really, really hard to get it,” Bevell said, via Eye on Football. “There are a lot of good things that are happening out here. Sometimes just being able to spit the play out in the huddle can be a challenge and that hasn’t been a problem for him. He’s been able to rip right through it. He’s picking up the offense really well.”

We know Pryor has plenty of physical talent. He kept the Raiders competitive in a number of games last season despite not winning many of them. If the Seahawks can get him to learn the playbook and improve with going through his progressions, they could do a lot worse for a backup quarterback.

Terrelle Pryor dyed his hair blond

Terrelle Pryor RaidersTerrelle Pryor is entering his fourth NFL season with the Oakland Raiders, so why are the veterans still treating him like a rookie? There’s no need to hold a player down and force him to bleach his hair when he has been in the league for several years and played in 14 games. Wait, Pryor chose to dye his hair blond? Nevermind then.

TMZ spotted Pryor at Akon’s birthday party in Los Angeles over the weekend and he was rocking a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey with hair that matched. It would appear that the former Ohio State star has gone blond for the time being.

Between the blond hair and the backwards snapback, Pryor looked like he was doing his best JR Smith impression. Smith was told by his coach to get rid of the bleached look. Pryor is in the middle of his offseason, so he probably won’t be taking orders from anyone. We wish someone would talk him out of it.

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Terrelle Pryor fired agent who didn’t want him to start for Raiders

Terrelle Pryor RaidersRemember when Terrelle Pryor’s agent Jerome Stanley got upset with the Oakland Raiders for starting Pryor in Week 17? Stanley said at the time that he believed the Raiders were setting Pryor up for failure and that Raiders coach Dennis Allen was trying to protect his job by throwing Pryor out there.

Usually agents will get upset when their client doesn’t get a chance to play, not the other way around. Pryor recognized that, which is why he apologized for his agent’s comments at the time and expressed gratitude for the chance to start. Now Pryor has taken things a step further.

FOX NFL reporter Mike Garafolo reports that Pryor fired Stanley. Garafalo says Pryor has not yet hired a new agent.

The move made plenty of sense. As soon as Pryor apologized for his agent’s comments, you knew the guy was toast. I mean how dumb do you have to be as an agent to complain about a team giving your client — who is probably a backup quarterback anywhere else — a great chance to play and showcase his skills? Most second-string players dream of that opportunity, and here he is complaining about it. How dumb can you be?

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Terrelle Pryor apologizes after agent says Dennis Allen wants him to fail

Terrelle Pryor RaidersTerrelle Pryor has not started a game for the Oakland Raiders since Nov. 10 against the New York Giants. His final shot in 2013 will come on Sunday, as the team has announced the former Ohio State star will start against the Denver Broncos at home.

Backup quarterback Matt McGloin looked sharp when he replaced the injured Pryor several weeks ago. However, the good fortune ran out and the Raiders have lost each of their last five games. With Week 17 being a meaningless game, Pryor’s agent Jerome Stanley believes head coach Dennis Allen is rooting for Pryor to fail so he can try to save his own job.

“I think they’re putting him in hopes that he fails,” Stanley told CSN Bay Area’s Fallon Smith and Scott Bair on Monday. “That’s what I think coach is doing. I think they’re putting him in hopes that he has a bad game, so he can then justify the Matt McGloin situation. I think that’s what’s going on, I do and it’s ridiculous…

“You have to understand the coach is putting him in, he doesn’t want him to look good. And you can write that. He doesn’t want him to look good because, if he looks good this week, it makes the past five weeks look like a bad decision. (Allen) doesn’t want him to look good, he wants him to look bad. That is what is going on.”

Stanley contended that Pryor should have been inserted back into the starting lineup after his MCL healed so he could continue to develop. Before suffering the injury, Pryor had thrown five interceptions and zero touchdowns in his last three starts. His quarterback rating this season is 66.0.

Perhaps realizing that an agent complaining about his player starting a game is pretty ridiculous, Pryor decided to issue an apology.

“I apologize for the recent comments toward the Raiders organization,” he wrote on Twitter. “That’s not what I’m about. I’m thankful for this opportunity given to me by this great organization and the phenomenal fans. I’m very excited to play with my teammates Sunday! We hope to make you fans proud.”

Even if Pryor and his agent believe Allen is trying to make them look bad, the best way to counter that would be to light it up on Sunday. Ranting about it makes it sound like Stanley is expecting Pryor to have a crappy game.

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Oakland Raiders coaches have ‘soured’ on Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor RaidersThe Oakland Raiders are choosing to roll with Matt McGloin at quarterback over Terrelle Pryor, which makes it pretty obvious that they believe he gives them the best chance to win games. What we haven’t heard is a full explanation of their thoughts on the matter and why they’re choosing McGloin over Pryor.

Though we still don’t know exactly how the team feels about each quarterback, SF Chronicle Raiders reporter Vic Tafur did his best to explain what’s going on.

According to Tafur, Raiders coaches have “soured” on Pryor. When asked to elaborate what souring entailed, Tafur said “not going through progressions, picks, injury talk in NY, just not on same page.”

It’s interesting how quickly their thoughts can change on a player. After Pryor played well in the preseason — or at least better than Matt Flynn — the coaches gave him the starting job. He looked really good in Week 1 and kept them competitive with the Indianapolis Colts, rushing for 112 yards despite losing game. He won his next game and beat the Chargers a few weeks later, but he threw for just 1 touchdown and 8 interceptions over a stretch of four straight starts. After his knee injury limited him against the New York Giants, McGloin got a chance to play and has done well enough to keep the job.

Though Pryor did get a crack as a starter in the NFL, you have to figure he’ll be back to being a backup/wildcat type of quarterback the rest of his career. At least he did get a shot.

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Matt McGloin could start over Terrelle Pryor

Matt-McGloin-RaidersThere is a reason the Houston Texans defense and special teams was a popular stream play among fantasy football players on Sunday. Matt McGloin, an undrafted rookie out of Penn State, started for the Oakland Raiders in place of the injured Terrelle Pryor. His first career start was expected to be a disaster. Instead, he may have earned himself another shot.

McGloin threw for 197 yards and three touchdowns on the road against one of the better pass defenses in the league. More importantly, he did not turn the ball over and led his team to an improbable 28-23 victory. Pryor has been nursing a knee injury, and FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reported on Sunday that McGloin could start next week against the Tennessee Titans regardless of Pryor’s status.

According to Glazer, the Raiders were “extremely impressed” with McGloin’s poise and performance. Pryor, on the other hand, had regressed before missing Sunday’s game. The former Ohio State star had thrown eight interceptions and just one touchdown in his last four starts. The Raiders went 1-3 during that stretch, with Pryor compiling an abysmal quarterback rating of 42.0. Why rush him back?

Oakland will face another tough pass defense next week against Tennessee. It would be unreasonable to expect McGloin to throw three touchdowns without turning the ball over, but he has to do very little to outplay Pryor. At this point, McGloin probably gives the Raiders a better chance to win.

Terrelle Pryor has sprained MCL, sore knee

Terrelle Pryor RaidersIf you’re wondering why Terrelle Pryor looked bad on Sunday, it’s probably because his knee injury was more limiting than we were led to believe.

Pryor admitted after the Oakland Raiders’ 24-20 loss to the New York Giants that he has a sprained MCL in his knee and that it’s very sore.

“Very sore,” Pryor said of the knee, per the San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur. “Just need rest a little, try to get back as fast as possible.”

Pryor also said the knee injury prevented him from “exploding on throws and runs.” Pryor added that the injury became worse during the week of practice.

Pryor left at the end of last weekend’s blowout loss to the Philadelphia Eagles because of the knee, but the team called it a “precautionary” move. Maybe it was a real move, not a precautionary one.

Pryor was almost a disaster on Sunday. He went 11-of-26 for 122 yards and an interception. He only ran five times for 19 yards, a touchdown and a fumble. The offense only gained 213 yards and had 12 first downs. The Raiders are now 3-6 and will be at the Houston Texans next weekend. We’re guessing Pryor sits out most of the week of practice and plays in the game.