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Monday, May 21, 2018

French open court turned pink to recognize ‘Ladies’ Day’ (Picture)

Apparently Thursday at the French Open was “Ladies’ Day.” That’s why the playing surface was turned into sheet of bright pink, of course. How else could the tournament hosts have honored women if they weren’t going to change the court into every girl’s favorite color?

It’s one thing to use pink as a way to raise breast cancer awareness, but this is insulting. As ESPNW pointed out, not only does using the color pink stereotype women but the entire concept of “Ladies’ Day” implies that every other day at the French Open is men’s day. Isn’t it just a tennis tournament featuring some of the world’s best tennis players? If you thought pink ice was tough to look at, this must be impossible. Chalk this up as one of the dumbest ideas we’ve ever seen come to fruition in sports.

H/T Busted Racquet

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