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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Looks Like the Jose Canseco Local Gym Sitings Are Over

The first time I saw his ass at the gym, I had to do a double take. It couldn’t be him, could it? As another gym-goer told me recently, “I see Ozzie Canseco at the gym all the time.” Sorry, I corrected him, “that’s actually Jose.” Yes, Jose Canseco works out at the local gym in Encino (Sherman Oaks, technically). Unfortunately it appears as if I won’t be seeing his tan, twitching, muscular, new blond a week ass at the gym anymore; his home has been foreclosed. Canseco is the latest to feel the pressures of the housing market squeeze, though he says he’s a different case. I’m not exactly sure what he means, but Jose seems to think people losing their homes don’t have any other housing options while he does. Whatever.

I guess Canseco really does go to show it’s not easy for athletes to manage their money, no matter how much they’ve made. Between divorces, alimony, taxes, and absurd toys, that waterfall of cash can run dry pretty quickly. Take Sprewell for instance — he had to sell off his yacht and his home was up for foreclosure because he owed so much money. I’m not too surprised that Sprewell’s in financial trouble, but with Canseco being a best-selling author and all, figure he’s got to have some cash flowing in, no? I do know one thing: we’re going to miss that summabitch at the gym. Twitches, spandex, silicone, and all.

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