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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Roger Clemens fires back at Roy Halladay: He was accused of using amphetamines


After he once again fell short of being elected to the Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Roger Clemens did something he hasn’t typically done in the past when he fired back at a critic. Only this time, said critic was a former teammate and could be a future Hall of Famer himself.

Earlier this week, Roy Halladay sent an enthusiastic tweet urging voters to keep Clemens and Barry Bonds out of Cooperstown. Clemens later responded by claiming the same person who accused him of taking steroids also accused Halladay of using performance-enhancing drugs.

We’re guessing the “strength coach” Clemens referred to is Brian McNamee, who blew the whistle on Clemens. The ironic thing is that Clemens has spent the last several years of his life trying to convince people that McNamee is a liar.

Clemens’ point seems to be that being accused of something doesn’t make you guilty, as he never tested positive for PEDs and was found not guilty of perjury and giving false statements. However, this is the first anyone is hearing about Halladay using amphetamines.

Amphetamines were banned from MLB clubhouses in 2006 and can only be used by players with a therapeutic use exemption, like the one this slugger was granted for the upcoming season. Halladay later issued a response:

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