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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Kenyon Martin slams Joakim Noah: ‘That boy sucks’

Joakim Noah

Kenyon Martin does not think much of New York Knicks center Joakim Noah.

The former NBA player ripped Noah — and Knicks president Phil Jackson — in a Friday interview with Hot 97.

Martin first took aim at Jackson, criticizing his talent evaluation — which led to him unloading on Noah, the Knicks’ $72 million bust.

“Picking talent? That ain’t his strong suit, as you can tell,” Martin said of Jackson, via Thomas Duffy of Bleacher Report. “The man gave Joakim Noah $70 million. Boy can’t hit his a– with both hands. … That boy sucks.”

Martin took things a step further, ripping Noah for his infamous missed free throw and challenging him to play for his contract.

“Listen, that man shot a free throw…look it up,” Martin said. “And the face he made? I’ve never shot a ball and made that face. I’ve been playing basketball for a long time.

“I’ll play him for his contract. Play him for his contract. Right now, off the couch. … [Stephen Jackson and I] look at people’s skills, and we feel we should still be playing, and we can play. Just [give us] the opportunity. And you give a guy like that that kind of money for nothing?”

There is no disputing Noah had a terrible season. In the first year of his big four-year deal, he averaged just five points and 8.7 rebounds per game, and his season ended with a suspension and multiple injuries. Jackson and the Knicks will not be living down that contract for a long, long time.

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