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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Khloe Kardashian reportedly thinks Lamar Odom has to play in L.A. for their marriage to continue

If you’re a subscriber of the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” theory, you have to believe Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are having some marital issues. While most of us feel like Odom being traded has sent his basketball career into a downward spiral, a recent report would seem to indicate the sudden change did more than just that. According to RadarOnline.com, Khloe is starting to feel as though her marriage with Odom cannot continue unless he plays with a team in Los Angeles next season.

“Khloe is freaked out that if Lamar doesn’t sign with either the Lakers or possibly the Clippers, her marriage will be over,” the source said. “She doesn’t feel that their marriage can handle another stressful move to another city. It’s not because she doesn’t support Lamar, she moved with him to Dallas, but it’s all Odom.

“Lamar has been increasingly bummed out and in a funk since the Lakers traded him and he thinks the only thing that will pull him out of it will be playing for the Lakers again. He loves the Lakers, they are and were his family. You have to remember that Lamar’s mother died when he was young and he has never had a close relationship with his father. Former Laker coach, Phil Jackson was like a father to him and his teammates were his brothers.”

It would appear that Odom is serious about not wanting his basketball career to end on this season’s horrible note, as evidenced by the fact that the couple has chosen to pull the plug on their reality TV show. As for playing in L.A., Odom may have to get over that if he wants to revive his career. Phil Jackson is currently retired and rumors of his return to the Knicks will probably never come to fruition, so that’s not happening. If Odom truly wants to play next season, he may have to lower his expectations.

H/T NY Post’s Page Six

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