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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ohio State fan Harrison Watson placed $2,000 bounty on Logan Tuley-Tillman

The fallout from what started as a symbolic gesture of allegiance by Logan Tuley-Tillman to the school for which he currently has every intention of playing football has gotten flat-out ugly. Since Tuley-Tillman shared with the world the burning effigy that was a flaming Ohio State letter, the Michigan commit and his family have been receiving death threats. And now, after Tuley-Tillman’s fellow Michigan commit Kyle Bosch threatened violence in defense of his future teammate, we have somebody new delivering another top-notch foot-in-mouth performance.

Ohio State fan Harrison Watson kept up the theme of violence when he channeled Gregg Williams in a tweet he sent placing a $2,000 bounty on Tuley-Tillman. Watson smartly has since deleted said tweet, but thanks to Deadspin, we can confirm Erica Albright’s assertion that the Internet is written in ink:

Good ol’ Harry, whom we don’t know much about other than he works in online marketing, on Thursday issued an apology on his website:

To Logan Tuley-Tillman – I am deeply sorry for making these remarks in your direction. I wish you nothing but the absolute best in your future as a collegiate athlete and more importantly as a student at the University of Michigan. My remarks were meant not to offend, but to highlight another unfortunate situation in the NFL bounty scandal. I realize now how short sighted and foolish my tweet was. […]

I ask for all of you to please excuse my remarks, and more importantly I ask for the forgiveness of Logan Tuley-Tillman. Best of luck to you in your endeavors in the classroom and on the football field.

And yet, if Watson’s apology wasn’t enough for you, he went on to add he’ll also be donating $2,000 to the University of Michigan out of guilt, like he’s John Edwards or something. To which I hope the UM takes that check an rips it up like it did Rich Rodriguez’s contract. Why would Michigan want to accept anything from somebody who was deplorable enough to incite harm against one of its prospective students, a kid still in high school?

But if there is any silver lining here, it’s that, by Watson’s logic, Tulley-Tillman is already worth one-fifth of the value of Brett Favre. Not bad for a kid who hasn’t even attended his prom yet.

H/T Lost Lettermen

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