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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Video: Dallas Cowboys Practice Facility Collapses Because of Tornado Winds

Let me ask one fundamental question: is it more important for cameramen to try and execute their job by filming and documenting an event such as this one, or to shed the camera and try to help out other people in need? The reason I ask this is because it was strange watching a cameraman film a Cowboys player trying to help someone who was trapped. That just seemed odd to me. Here’s the chilling video of the Dallas Cowboys practice facility collapsing because of thunderstorms (which I guess I’m glad we have so we can see what it looked like):

The aftermath of the collapse was pretty significant. 12 of the reported 70 people in the facility were injured. The Cowboys special teams coach, Joe DeCamillis, has a broken back. One of their scouting assistants, Rich Behm, wound up paralyzed from the waist down. Recent draft pick David Buehler seems to have sustained the worst injuries of all the players. My initial reaction, aside from feeling horribly for the people who’s lives have been harmed by this incident, is to wonder why the Cowboys were practicing amidst such threatening weather conditions. If the facility is designed to protect from thunderstorms and tornadoes, then who screwed up building it? I’m just hoping that some teams learned the importance of keeping employees safe in the face of natural disasters. Mother nature always wins. Squeezing in a few extra hours or days of practice isn’t worth jeopardizing lives.

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