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Sunday, December 9, 2018

DeSean Jackson Crip gang signs may have caught up to him

Depending on who you ask, the Philadelphia Eagles either released DeSean Jackson on Friday to save money or to distance themselves from a player they believe is associated with the wrong type of people. In reality, both factors contributed to the decision.

Now that Jackson has been cut, you will hear a lot of talk about gangs. Our own Larry Brown was blasted last year when he picked up on DeSean flashing what appeared to be a Crips sign at DeAngelo Hall during a game.

DeSean Jackson Crips DeAngelo Hall

Plenty of people argued that we were making something out of nothing and that Jackson was doing a “cut it out” gesture with his hands. When he threw up the exact same set in an Instagram photo a few months later, the skeptics quieted down.

DeSean Jackson Crips

Jackson should have no problem finding work on the open market, but teams are certainly going to do their research before signing him.

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