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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Green Bay eye doctor offers free laser eye surgery to replacement refs

Nothing says “you suck” quite like accusing an official of not being able to see and offering to fix his or her vision problems for free. In the wake of the mind-boggling call that cost the Packers a win over the Seahawks on Monday night, an eye care provider in Green Bay has offered to do just that for the officials who worked the game.

According to FOX 19 in Wisconsin, Dr. Christopher Smith has offered free Lasik surgery to the the most infamous replacement refs in replacement ref history.

“Yeah. The referees obviously had some vision issues,” Smith said. “So we decided that we could help them with that.”

But here’s the catch. Smith added that if they take him up on the offer, he and his staff will also speak to the officials about decision-making and go over the rules of the game of football. One one hand, if I had vision problems and wanted to save a few thousand bucks I might actually swallow my pride and cash in on the offer — especially since it appears that the regular officials could be returning very shortly. Then again, this guy might be a psycho who is furious over what happened. Do I want to trust someone like that with my vision?

Nonetheless, it’s a pretty funny PR move from Dr. Smith that we saw from an eye care facility once before in SEC country. To our knowledge, no official ever took them up on the offer.

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