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Friday, October 18, 2019

Guy with Patriots helmet tattooed on head has the best mug shot


A former New Hampshire native who is a die-hard New England Patriots fan was arrested in Florida last month and charged with felony drug possession and trespassing. While the average person would have to tell you that he or she is an avid fan of an NFL team for you to know, Victor Thompson’s mug shot says it all.

Thompson, 46, has a tattoo on his head that is supposed to make it look like he’s wearing a Patriots helmet. He has team logos on each side of his head and small American flag and NFL logos on the back of his neck. He even has “Riddell” written across his forehead and a small green dot on the back of his head like the one quarterbacks wear to show officials their helmet has a microphone.

Thompson, who says he moved to Florida recently, was arrested for purchasing synthetic marijuana — aka “Spice” — from a man at a park, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

As Next Impulse Sports noted, a local news station in New Hampshire did a short piece on Thompson a while back before his tattoo was complete.

I don’t know about you, but I’d say that is one of the most frightening mug shots we have ever featured. Go Pats?

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