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Saturday, January 19, 2019

James Harrison is not a fan of the Steelers 1932 throwback jerseys

The idea behind wearing throwback jerseys is usually less about fashion and more about preserving history. Based on our modern standards of fashion, most of them are hideous. No one actually thinks the navy blue and gold “Titans” jerseys that the Jets wear once or twice a year look good, but the team does it to make a statement about its history. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it happens to be another way to boost merchandise sales, but I’m sure no teams think about money when they do it. In any event, the Steelers recently unveiled their 80th anniversary jerseys that they will wear this season, and James Harrison is not a fan.

Considering Harrison has a history of using his Twitter account to complain about everything, this isn’t a surprise. Of course the uniforms are ugly — they’re from 1932. I’m sure he won’t mind the extra cash in his pocket when he sees these jerseys walking around with a No. 92 on the back of them.

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